Wow, hard to believe it’s been 9 weeks. Some weeks I hardly had to try and it seemed the pounds would fly off. Then other weeks it was a battle to lose anything at all, while others I added to my tonnage. Results are just that, results. I’m going to keep at it and over the long haul I’m going to reach my goal, no doubt in my mind.


I think my journey in digital assets has trained me like a pro to forge through the fire and keep hodling to my goal. Just like with XRP, I know what the out come will be. Just keep hodling and maintain course and XRP with get me to my financial goal. Well the same can be said for weight loss. With weightloss you can’t just expect results in a few weeks and everything will go as according to plan. There’s huge dips and some truly great weeks and then there’s a rise a rise in pounds that no one wants. A rise in XRP every one wants, well except Bitcoin maxis. The one major difference between weightloss and XRP is the goals are reversed. My weight I want it to plummet, while XRP I want to go to the moon. Some times my weight goes to the moon and my XRP holdings plummeted. Not ideal, but if you know crypto you also know the term BTD. Buy The Dip. Well in digital assets this is a green light to buy up our favourite assets on the cheap. My luck is I buy the dip and the dip keeps dipping

Well in diet world BTD means something completely different.

Beat The Diet !

Why beat the diet? Don’t you want to be successful in your diet goals ? Truth is yes, but diets aren’t successful or rarely are. A diet will give you a boost to help you jump off to a good start. But the only way to be successful and BTD is to make a lifestyle change. I’ve made a few with eating habits and one thing I’ve really changed is late night snacking, I have been able to kick that habit and replace it with a new healthier habit of fruit or carrots if I want a snack. Sure sometimes sweets, sugar cookies in particular, break down the door and demand I devour them. So I oblige. Your can’t be restricted and regimented all the time. You have to live as well.

My last few years in crypto summed up in one gif

Ferdi gave me the challenge to take the week off, it was very tempting to take it off but I did fairly well this week .. I think 🤔. I had a hard week with physical work, which I guess is good as it did help me out to stay on track. I was hoping to take Christmas week, this week, off so I thought I better stay on track other wise it would be two weeks off. That I knew I couldn’t do, so I stayed on track this week.

This week my challenge to my man Ferdi, my partner in crime is ..... enjoy the week, spend it with his family. Enjoy Christmas and all the snacks, meals with all trimmings and close family time. I wish him and his family a wonderful Christmas. This year is hard enough at Christmas because of lock downs and restrictions galore. I’m actually going to assign my self this exact same challenge.... hopefully ..... Unless Ferdi gives me a challenge, if he does I’ll do my best to do it. But if not then it’s time to enjoy Christmas week. Time for a break and what better time than Christmas.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas this week, have a great week and enjoy yourselves. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Weightloss is a long term goal not a 9 week sprint, it’s a marathon.

Slow and steady wins the race

380, I’ll take it ! Lost 2 lbs 💪🏻

Thank you for reading, until the next one