Investing in digital assets , just started blogging about me , my life , ups and downs ... LIFE......

Anything worth having, does not come easy. This is true for many things, a nice car, owning a business, financial freedom, the digital asset roller coaster, kids, marriage.

Yes, marriage. Marriage is about give and take. Picking your battles if you will, when in an argument or disagreement I often loose sight of ‘do I want to die on this hill’ mentality , after I stop and think, do I?? The answer is always NO I don’t want to die on this hill.


The phrase is a slight variant of , Is this the hill you want to die on? This phrase is often used in the military when discussing holding a position or placement at all costs even death. Normally the answer is assumed to be “no”. When you decide to defend the spot or battle position to the limit, then “No better place to die” is often used as a phrase.

I did build a damn nice cat house, but I’m not prepared to live there just yet 😂

Well I haven’t found my place to die, a hill or battle position to defend that’s worth my life or in this case marriage. Not that it would go that far but just proving a point here. It has been brought to my attention by my family that I’ve been spending to much time on Twitter and Coil on my phone in general. Well I don’t feel this is the case, this is what they feel and feel it deeply, so I must respect that.

These last few months, Ive worked very long hours, almost 7 days a week and still managed to keep my Coil and Twitter engagement up but, my balance is off. Well some good news, I do drive the kids now to school again and pick them up I’m hoping this will get my work life slower. This is the goal. But until that point where my work/family time normalization happens I’m going to have to take a tiny step back from Twitter and Coil.

Lord knows I’m a stubborn man, Lee definitely knows this too well. I won’t do anything unless I want to. I’m not perfect, FAR FROM IT, less than even adequate in my own eyes. I tend to take a battle position and get defensive when I get attacked. And this is something I not only need to do, I also want to. Not only is Twitter and Coil a fun and enjoyable to me it’s also can be addicting. I find myself really enjoying reading everyone’s Coil posts and do loved the interaction on Twitter and now MG Social has there app ... which I’m excited about. Moderation is a must. I need to find this.

‘War is like marriage, no one survives. Eventually everyone dies’

-Thomas Jefferson

I would like to die from old age, not from being smothered by a cat in the cat house as I try to sleep. Being a man I feel the less battles I choose to fight, with respect to marriage, the better 😂 just causes unnecessary pain 😜.

Thank you Srdan for this TJ quote . Much appreciated 😎

It’s not good bye, but see you later ....


OMI is a crypto that runs the VeVe app a premium licensed digital collectables app. Well you’ve heard of NFT’s right ? VeVe and Ecomi are going to change the NFT world one NFT at a time. You currently use OMI to purchase AR NFT collectables. In the future you’ll beable to stake OMI for access to rare or exclusive NFT’s. They currently have officially announced licenses with -

🔹Fast and the Furious

🔹Back to the Future


🔹CBS: Star Trek – The Next Generation, Picard, and Discovery

🔹Cartoon Network: Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, and Tuzki

🔹Jurassic park

🔹Ghost Busters

🔹Capcom: Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter – Iceborne, and Street Fighter!!

🔹General Motors

🔹Warner Bros: DC Collectables, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Superman, and Batman



Just to name a few. They have around 100 licenses currently and In my opinion, with out a license say a company like DC could come back on a Superman NFT some one made and sue them for copy right infringement. It’s been said that they have enough NFT’s finished or in production to do a week drop for the next 5 years 🤯. Can you take a guess at what the price will after all those drops 🤑 .

This is why OMI and VeVe are a game changer.

Fully Licensed NFT’s

VeVe app has game changing VR to render your purchases in the real world 🌎


Let’s talk about the supply for a minute, 750 billion OMI, 750 billion OMI seems like a lot but, Every time a purchase is made in the VeVe app the same dollar value of OMI gets burned. Every time a sale take place in the market place , OMI gets burned. ECOMI currently has burned over 120 BILLON OMI.

The team had an accident and burnt 100 billion tokens so the amount just dropped by 100 billion to 650 billion supply . 397 BILLION will never hit circulation because of the reserve wallet and the accidental 97 billion burn or lock up for 3000 years . OMI distribution is as follows

🔹VeVe Reserve Wallet – 296 billion

🔹VeVe Vault Wallet- 40 billon

🔹Business Development- 150 billion OMI

🔹Team, Advisors, Board Members- 150 billion

🔹Tokens in current circulation 170 billion OMI

Things In The Works

Ecomi and VeVe are working on single and multi player games for the app. You will beable to use you NFT’s in the games and so on. Drive your car in fast and the furious, use Batman to beat a intruder in a game or have a battle in street fighter . The possibility’s are endless and truly bring hidden value to OMI . Currently at $0.00812 at time of writing. Yes that’s right, under a penny per OMI 🤯

You will be able to use or drive NFT’s in AR. Like a recent release was the Delorean from back to the future. This version was not drivable but did have doors that open and wheels that turn, along with a functional flux capacitor..... while these ones weren’t, one will be drivable very soon. Allowing you to actually play with the NFT’s in games and Augmented Reality.

I really suggest you look into OMI .. they will be big player in the NFT space .


Thanks for reading ❤️


Oh FFS!!

Yes yes yes ! YES We know ! XRP IS THE STANDARD. We all know this, we have all bought all that we are buying. Which is the reason no price movement until now. We are all fucking packed and ready for the ride that will be coming, not if but WHEN is the only question we ask. If I hear one more post say :




Oh shut up already 🤣🤣🤣🤣

It’s going to rise when it does, as we’ve seen nothing can influence an upward movement. XRP MOON BOYS !!! If I have to hear 1 more time that it’s my last chance to buy xrp under “blank” I think I may scream and snap.


I 10000% believe in XRP but seriously, enough with moon shit

Enough misleading shit 😎



Thanks for reading , have a greasy Monday .

Do you want to see what all the hype is about ?! Sign up for a FREE , yes FREE account with my link and look around chat in the discord , play town star or buy a couple nodes ! Gala is changing the gaming industry. 6 months from now it will be the same old thing , WHY DIDNT I BUY MORE . Don’t be a XRPGORD, BUY more GALA now ( not financial advise do your own research😉)

My free Link⬇️


Thank you for reading !!

Want to learn how to get a new car and house for free ?? Well keep on reading.

This is my journey on a buying and running a Gala node, not as technical, more of a my experience. Now granted a very short journey but one that will be very profitable in the years to come.... is my hope. Really I never thought I’d be running a node, I mean... what the hell is a node anyway ???? Just like a lot of the last year of my life, this is also very unexpected.

🔹I started a Coil blog

🔹I started doing Cinnamon videos

🔹I was involved in a beta test for Flare Finance, it kicked my ass. I was so lost. Learned a few things. But sham wow I was LOST!

🔹And now a Node on GALA GAMES!

This journey started when I bought the GALA crypto currency late in 2020. At that time the price was around $0.000236. Hindsight, looking back I sure wish I bought more as the price has spiked to the current $0.01888 at time of writing. As fast as I bought it, Never did I think of it (Gala) much after that and kind of forgot about it until January 2021 rolled around. Started hearing things on nodes and again didn’t pay attention. In one ear out the other. Researched a bit but thought nope that’s to expensive for a node and impossible for me to run it. Fast forward to early Feb I read a blog written by Jesse Hynes , it peaked my interest again and I really started to look into it and research at that time nodes were around $3500 I believe.

So what in gods name is a node and what do they do ?? The nodes that are currently available are Grandfather Nodes, these nodes will be eligible for receiving rewards for operating, NFT’s and in game items from all current games and future ones. Nodes are currently flying off the shelf and when all nodes are sold the node licenses will be turned into NFTs. This means that people will be able to rent or sell their nodes or even buy nodes from other people who are selling them. What is a node worth? To give you an idea, the last node to be sold will sold for $33,000 approx. currently nodes are selling for $5200. Nodes are part of the decentralized Gala Games Network. Basically, the nodes provide computing power to the network. Right now not a lot of memory or Ram isn’t needed. I’m running mine on a 5 year old laptop that was an old one from my sons school that basically was so slow it had no other use. So don’t think you need some mega mining rig... yet... Once more power is required and it will one day, I will look at getting a VPS- virtual private server for $6 a month, but for now my old laptop is just fine and makes me money just the same. The Gala Games software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux (which is coming soon)


Just like a pirate, I too, have a treasure chest. Everyday, as long as my node runs for 6 hours a day, I get my GALA reward deposited in my treasure chest. As a bonus to the GALA , sometimes we get a NFT. Just a couple days ago I got my first NFT, the winemaker concept art. SO COOL . Only 59 of us node runners got one so I was pretty pumped and I’m hoping to get some land for one of the games that I can sell for a nice profit. A current issue is to claim my rewards I need ETH to pay the gas fee🤬What’s that mean? Well check out in my subscriber only section to find out. Hint : it has to do with Flare. Here is my NFT ⬇️

The real question is Can I make passive income on a node?

Answer: Yes !!!

It is well documented that Gala considers Nodes not an investment. I guess because if they are that would make it unclear to SEC. A security you treat as an investment, a Node is helping the gala ecosystem and you get voting rights ect . Oh and YES YOU MAKE GALA FOR RUNNING YOUR NODE! But 🤫🤫🤫🤫

I read an article that said in January of this year the price of GALA token was worth around $0.0016 . GALA Nodes were each getting about 7500 GALA a day in a reward for running there node 6 hours a day.

-In January 2021-

0.0016 X 7500 = $12 a day

$12 X 31 days = $372 a month for one node

But hold on , I’m only getting 1400 a day reward ... I feel like I’m getting screwed here . Wow 7500 gala a day 🤯 I wish . At current GALA price that’s $4000 a month 😳 this is why the ratios fluctuate. Let’s do some more math

0.01888 X 1400 = $26.43

$26.43 X 31 days = $819 a month for one node

$819 X 12=$9832 a year USD now my favourite part the conversation to Canadian dollars 🤩

$12,400 CAD . A thousand dollars a month Canadian I will make at current reward levels and current price of GALA.

Let’s keep doing some math shall we 🧐

My node cost me $4500 to buy and if I’m making $819 a month USD then


So in 5.5 months my node is paid for it self and then every month after that ( if rewards / price stay the same) I’ll make $1000 per month

Hum what about 5 nodes

$4500 x 5 =$22,500

$819 X 5 = $4095 a month

Convert to Canadian $5164 a month or $62,000 a year, wow my mind is blown. So how to get a brand new car and new brand new built home for free ??? Buy Gala nodes 😎, $5000 a month is more than enough to pay for a house and car

💥 Free house & car 💥

Of course rewards can change and so can GALA price but this is all on speculation that reward and price stay relative or price goes up.


But seriously though, as long as Gala games doesn’t fail, sure this is possible. Anything is, but I think they have a bright future a head of them. Now yes this can change at any time and maybe in the near future I’m only getting 500 gala a day but the price per Gala goes up and is $0.05 so it all works out. Since January, the reward amount of gala has gone down and I do suspect it will keep going down as more nodes come on line. With doing that, the price of Gala goes up ( hopefully) and as you can see I’m making double the cash value a month than people in January were. As with anything in crypto there is risks and gambles so to speak. Well I’ve done my research and so should you.


Really easy, I am the least tech person, maybe even on planet earth. This is as easy as signing up for a GALA account https://gala.fan/po0p7blQR . It’s free to sign up and then you can browse around the website. Once on the website you can buy a node and when you do it sends you an email with down load links for the software. Click on your corresponding computer brand. Download and your good to go. You need to run your node for a minimum of 6 hours a day to get the GALA reward. To run your node, open your computer and walk away for 6 hours, done ✅. You’ll receive your portion of the 8.5 million in GALA rewards each day.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezie

I hope I’ve stressed the passive income is based on GALA reward and GALA price moving as one . I do think this will happen and be very profitable or I would not have done it my self. But DYOR

Here is my GALA GAMES REFERRAL LINK, sign up for a free account and snoop around a little bit. Play some games, check out the ecosystem and buy 1 or 5 nodes 😝 ⬇️⬇️


If your a subscriber check out how this Node money maker ends 😎, if not skip your bagel today and sign up for Coil HERE. So many great creators to browse and you also get to check out Cinnamon Video !!

But as always, thank you for reading ❤️


Well hello everyone !!! Like I said in my previous post life is crazy and it’s been 4 weeks since a weight loss post, things going pretty well. I was getting to obsessed with the scale, or warden as she’s come to be known. I’ve decided to do a once a month weight loss blog. Weekly was just too often and it felt like I didn’t have much to report and besides .... I didn’t like the up and down that weekly scale check in’s we’re going. So weigh in’s will be less frequent and more of a how are my “clothes fitting” kind of check in. Once a month I’m sure my posts will be positive news 😊

So what’s happened over the last month? Well, Lee and I were really looking at a Peloton bike. If you haven’t heard of this, check out their website . They have an app and links with the bike and touch screen mounted on the bike. It allows you to ride with friends across the world, you can meet in Italy, San Francisco or many other places through out the world. Very cool and lots of different exercises and programs, not just biking or treadmill. The 21” screen turns sideways so you can do other exercise routines. There’s are live classes, with live instructors or you can go do the class after it’s over if you can’t meet the live class time.

Now the kicker, price tag .... $3000 . We considered it and really mulled it over. My thinking, other than, that can buy a lot of crypto !! My thinking it will sit like our treadmill does. Let’s be honest we all have great intentions when starting a diet or exercise routine. Things go great for a while and then you slack off a bit, then a bit more..... and more. Until your treadmill or bike looks like this ⬇️

An expensive laundry organizer 😂🤣

So I figure, We don’t need a $3000 laundry organizer 😂. We have a treadmill amd a good one so let’s clean the clothes off our treadmill, just use ours for the time being. We can still use the app and stream it to a tv. Obviously none of the features will work properly but will get the idea and very close to the same feeling. We can try this for a few months, maybe six. If we are still using it and going strong then we might look at opening the wallet and splurging for a Peloton set up. I just would die if we spent the money and it sat unused piled in drying clothes.

I will get a tv mounted above the treadmill and set up so we both can use it, the momma wants to use it as well. This could be good motivation for me as well. The daily treadmill is a goal for February

Work is as crazy as always plus doing Reno’s at home. Covid has everyone down I think and we have had enough but I’m still trying to eat well when possible. I get my Tim Hortons coffee everyday, not just one, but two. It’s a must to keep my body moving, the fuel for my engines. I’ve been pretty good at night snacking. I say “pretty good” because I have found my self cheating a little more frequently. But my clothes fit good and feel a little loose, so this is what I’m going for. Slow and steady wins the race. Like crypto, I’m not here for fast gains. I’m hodling and playing the long game.

If your a subscriber check out how this months story ends, if not skip your bagel today and sign up for Coil HERE. So many great creators to browse and you also get to check out Cinnamon Video !!

But as always, if this is the end for now, thank you for reading ❤️


I had a few DM’s checking to see if I was alive, and I am 😊 thank you to those that checked in. Truly a wonderful XRP family we have all found on Twitter.


NOPE I DID NOT, If I did, heaven is not as I imagined it 🤣🤣

Jokes aside, just a short post to say I’m right here and doing well, as well as anyone can do in a global pandemic amidst lock downs and restrictions😊. Where can I start about the last few weeks. I’ve been crazy busy at work, along with that doing some reno’s at our own home aswell. Watching my diet, as best I can with all this craziness at work. But doing pretty well, still haven’t added exercise 😂 Monday I will have a new – DIARY OF A FAT MAN blog to post to give you a diet update. To top it off I’m tired, I mean TIRED. Mental and physically. My mind never seems to stop, it’s always running. Here’s an accurate picture of my brain.

Thoughts of









The list goes on and on, as I type this before work. I’m listening to my furnace and it’s short cycling. GREAT, something else to fix. What is short cycling ? Well, short cycling is when the furnace turns on for a short period of time but then turns off. ON .... OFF .... ON ... OFF This start-and-stop cycle can keep your home from properly warming up and may also damage your furnace itself. The recent cold snap here in Canada, it’s probably ice build up on the exhaust causing a restricted air flow. Which tells the furnace to shut off before it over heats and causes damage. Another easy check is the batteries in your thermostat. If they are low it causes the thermostat to reach temp prematurely ect. So add to my list of thoughts


Along with my furnace, my mind is ON.

This constant “ON” doesn’t t seem to affect my sleep at all thank God. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Literally be talking and then sleeping then next second. 😴

Lots going on in the Crypto markets and markets in general really. Some pretty HUGE moves in ADA & ALGO. Doge made me a good chuck of money that I sold 50% of my stack and reinvested into a few of my favourite alts. Of course my XRP bag is safely tucked away and had a little rise in value, thanks to Wall Street bets. They have been taking down hedge funds with GameStop as its first attack, if you will. I find it funny that billionaire’s didn’t take to kindly to WSB messing with their hedge funds, so much so that, trading platforms started to limit trades on certain stocks. RobinHood, being one, an exchange for the people ( or so they say). Well in my eyes, they just wrote their demise and started the beginning of the end to RobinHood.


Its been a long time since I got out a blog. I’ve missed it dearly, even Lee said why are you grumpy. Wait a minute, pause ⏸

Well I don’t think I’ve been grumpy or “that”grumpy. I mean it could be the fact I’m working to much, like non stop. I’m Tired. Can’t go on holidays. Can’t lay on a beach with a margarita in hand. Can’t see friends or family. Haven’t blogged in what seems like forever..... hummm

Ok Maybe, just maybe ..... it is the fact I haven’t been blogging. It’s always been, not always but then last 10 months, a great outlet for me to chat or vent. To toss around ideas and maybe help someone else that is having similar thoughts or problems as my own. It’s also hard to focus this much time and energy into a hobby, blogging. It has been a nice little hiatus but I enjoy writting and I need to get back on the horse so to speak. Might not be in the same 4-5 blogs a week but more like 1-2. I need to blog again..... also I do have a cinnamon video in the works to😎

My mind needs the rest and relaxation






I truly don’t know what it is this past week. I’m in a funk. I don’t want to do work, I don’t want to do anything. Maybe the COVID restrictions finally taking there toll. I’m never like this and feeling the funk this past week. I’m always a positive person a d I know this will pass, but damn this funk sucks ! This is just going to be a short one, I just don’t have a lot to say or give right now really.

And that’s okay

I feel my eating habits have changed for the better. Snacking after supper has been cut to a minimum, also care needs to be taken not to have snacks in the house as I really can’t help myself if it’s inside these four walls I feel it’s my duty to consume it. I’m just trying to help everyone else stay fit, really they should be thanking me 🤣. My job is very physical and for that I’m lucky. I need to find a way to get in some exercise at home. Some real exercise, muscle burns more calories than fat. Time to add some exercises this week. Next week you will see😎

So as I’ve mentioned, I’m doing this Beta for Flare Finance. I was super pumped and so honoured to be chosen. Still so honoured. It got under way this past week, I set up MetaMask and figured that out...... and I literally can’t figure anything out ? I feel like Ralph from the Simpson’s over here?!

I feel so out of my league on this beta, it’s quite defeating. I have probably 30 plus hours into it. I’m no where, I can’t do a thing. It’s like there speaking a different language in the chat room. They are swapping and making it look so easy, there are some bright minds in this beta. I’m over here pushing crayons up my nose 😜 I screw up MetaMask , so I sign up again and can’t access anything. I watch videos after videos trying to learn it and for some reason my brain just can’t grasp it. Of course sitting I don’t of a computer or phone and I feel like I’m snacking more than normal so I’m scared to jump on the scale now !! Add to this a hectic week just with work and then we are doing the kids bathroom up stairs, of course my diet aswell. I normally would say I’m pretty smart and can figure things out if given enough time and the instructions or right videos to watch, but this is beyond anything I can grasp. I’m mid 40’s and having a hell of a time. Computers are not my forte, building an addition I’m your guy. Turning a computer on, well I’m not your guy. No better description than I feel like Ralph

Ok let’s give this beta one more chance, so I’m hours in, again and not going well. I’m pretty sure my computer laughed at me and this pops up on my screen?

That’s when I realize your right, I don’t have power here. I can’t figure it out and it’s driving me crazy. This being said Flare is a game changer and Flare Finance is going to revolutionize this space. I’m really excited when it goes live.

So how did I do this week, let’s check in with the Warden... well well well, not bad at least I lost. Going in the right direction. I lost 1 pound.

Have a wonderful week everyone, I’m going to see if I can get this Flare Finance bête working.

Thanks for reading ! Until the next one ❤️




To hodl or not to hodl, That is the question, to answer it, we have to dive in a little bit. First off let me say I am not a financial advisor so don’t do anything I say in this article unless you DYOR. If you want to research more and deside for your self. Now that being said I am diversified, I’m not all in on the beloved XRP. Xrp is my love story. But all love stories don’t end like they do in Hollywood. Just because a love story has a bump road is it less worthy of a Hollywood ending romance?? I think not, XRP is my largest bag and will grip it tight but I am in over 14 different stocks and crypto projects. I was in more but recently consolidated some holdings. I don’t have the stomach for centralized investing or betting on one horse so to speak. I diversify, if a few of my investments do poorly for a time then the others will pull up the slack and keep me growing ... hopefully 🤞🏻

Let’s take the king of investing , Warren Buffet, Buffett is used as an example by many people including the media and financial advisors of the world as to why you should buy and hold. Now when you buy and hold a stock or crypto people think you buy it and hold it no matter what. It does not matter if there is good news or bad news, Biden or Trump president, a recession or an economic boom. You hold the stock through good times and bad. Basically true, but this is not entirely true. Buffet doesn’t buy and hold per say. He buys a stock or company after and only after a heavily calculated risk has been done. He knows what he is buying and that’s why he bought. We will call them reasons A,B & C for why we invested in something.

After the risk assessments you buy and hold, hold through anything and everything, no matter what .... EXCEPT if something changes from your original risk assessment, if reasons A,B,or C change. Then it’s time to reevaluate and maybe pull out.

How do I relate to this ? I have researched and have done risk management for a stock call HIVE, I had big hopes for this stock and think the potential is there for some really massive returns. HIVE.V -Hive Blockchain, I’ve been invested for quite a few years. At one point I was all in on my stock portfolio in Hive, but the fears got the best of me a little while ago when Genesis Mining was trying to do a hostile takeover of Hive in the spring of 2019. Shares dropped from .80 cents to .08 cents in about 5 months. I was terrified. Now when this happens I reacted on my emotions, instead of referring back to why I invested in the first place, my calculated risk. I should of sat there and drank my coffee.

But no I start to freak the fuck out and panic.

Has anything changed in the company from the original vision? -NO

Are things still moving forward? YES

Is current stock price reflected in the company’s worth ? -NO

Even if a hostile take over takes place, new leadership. I wasn’t tied to the old leadership. So does this change my view on this stock? – NO

So WHAT DO MY EMOTIONS DO, they take control. I panic and freak out. Scared to death that this is going to zero, I decide to derisk my portfolio. At this point,In my spare time I have been looking into other stocks I researched previously, so I dove deeper in. Make my decisions and reallocate funds. I leave about a 15% investment into hive. Sure over the last year these stocks have made money.

How did the move turn out with the stocks? Over all not bad, did I make money? Yes I did very well actually but not as well as if I left it in Hive and I mean all in HIVE. If I would have stuck to my gut and research I would have $3,625,000 today in HIVE.

Now, I WISH !

I kept wanting to buy back into HIVE, but was alway scared it would drop. I should have just held on tight with both hands.

Again I believe in HIVE, I think it’s an ever growing business model. Hive is going green and mining will be renewable in the near future. One concern would be proof of work, if the world ever moved away from planet killing proof of work. Then we’ll I would re-evaluate.

Another example of holding when you have done your research is Amazon. They dropped in the dot com bubble burst of 2001 from $100 to around $5. It was rumoured that family and friends were the only ones to hold on, everyone bailed and ran for the hills. Again if you believe in the project and tech then you don’t sell. If A,B & C have not changed then You hold and buy more if possible. Consider a dip a gift. So where is this going? Yes you guessed it XRP.

So has anything changed in the use case for XRP? – NO

Has anything changed in the business model for ripple ( the largest use case) ? -NO

Bad management, bad decisions, bad choices – OH HELL YES . But hasn’t changed anything with in company model. I’m acting not with my emotions. Sure I re-evaluated when the lawsuit against ripple was announced, I chose to hodl. Could XRP be a security? Sure, I really don’t think it is. Maybe it was but not now. They (ripple) have worked to make sure it’s not. A long time ago I diversified. Crypto is so volatile that I really feel all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. From that everything else is up huge in comparison to my XRP holdings.


ADA and XLM are up 600%

VET up 450%.

SHA up 700%

SOLO up 230%

ALGO up 100%

EHRT up 85%

These are my wins, sure there are losses and projects I left too early. The amount of money I have lost because I tried jumping around early in my learning makes me.. well ... I’m not sure if I should 🤬 or 😭 but I’ll save those stories for another post.

At times do I feel like abandoning the XRP ship, sure, it’s natural to have self doubt. Holding XRP through this shit storm is a calculated risk and I’m willing to take it. And let’s be honest the FUD on Twitter makes it even harder. This last year, again yes I made money. But just like with Hive, in 5 years from now I feel if I calculate how much money I would have made if I would have all my money in XRP..... I think I’d be sadly disappointed. But diversification is safety. Anything in crypto is possible.

Uncertainty every where you turn, If Satoshi cashed in his million Bitcoin’s tomorrow he would run away with roughly 40 billion dollars. Bitcoin price would plummet not only from the sale but as news that the founder has cash in and seems to abandon the Bitcoin project. Mass hysteria is the result.

Ripple abandons XRP and uses stellar instead ? Possible ? Sure it is ... it’s crypto, the Wild West. Be careful out there anything can happen, do not take a word I say and act on it. Do what is right for you and your family. Every situation is completely different.

Truth is, invest your money in the crypto projects and Stocks you believe in. Leave it for 5 -10 years..... fuck off and enjoy your life. Get your head out of your phone and computer. Hodling is damn hard, better off to put it out of site out of mind. For me trying to day trade and buy low and sell high more often than not results in me doing it wrong and losing some of my bag ... so I practice the art of the HODL, 5 years when you come back, check your ledger you will have plenty of money and damn near die. I just keep adding as I can .. $50 here, $100 there ...


Time in this case is our friend, Over time damn near everything goes up, damn near......


Thank you for reading, untill the next one





The last weeks weigh in was a little disappointing, I’m not going to lie. I felt really discouraged after the Christmas holidays for cheating just a little too much. The sweets really had the best of me. Now yes I understand that every one needs a cheat day, or week haha. But it’s really not good for my diet short term. Long term it really has no effect, actually, that’s not true if anything it would have a positive effect on my mental health. Being able to take a break from watching and counting what I eat. But from now on maybe I’ll keep it to just a one day cheat.

I think I did really well with my snacking this past week, maybe one too many dilly bars from Dairy Queen. Evening snacking though was really good, few slips but still kind of on holidays ... sooooo oh well 🤣 Really not much has changed on the diet front. When I start to incorporate more exercise that’s when I’m hoping things take off even more. I didn’t exersize other than the push up challenge that just ended. It was a fun challenge by Ferdi to finish of the last little bit of 2020.

So what’s new for this new year? I don’t believe in resolutions because, well they never seem to follow through. I’m sure with gyms locked down that will hurt there New Years resolution crowd from signing up and never going. Years back like 14 years, I used to go to the gym 4 days a week. It was always sad to see everyone pile into the gym for 4-6 weeks after January 1 and have these high hopes of getting in shape and changing there life. Weight loss is hard and it’s truly a mind set and a life change. So for this year for me my main focus is getting my house in order, literally. Finishing renovations up and getting my body in better shape as my body is my house and home to my spirit. The better shape I am in I think my spirit will be in better shape too.

Let’s update you maybe what’s going on in the life of Gord right now other than a diet. We started our upstairs bathroom Reno, tub removed and a new tile shower and floor going in. Along with a new countertop & sink. This has been keeping me busy over the last week and it’s almost complete now. Just a few days left and it should be complete. We had subway tile that was about 5 years old and needed to be tied into the shower tile. I couldn’t find a match, as all the ones I found were all the wrong tones of white. See the pic below with a few tiles I installed and then noticed the white tone difference. Now part of that can be aging as well, and we do have a gas stove which does yellow things a touch. This color difference would have drove me crazy, But next week I’ll show you how I fixed this little problem that arose.

Also another development is I started a beta test for flare finance, setting everything up has been a little bit of a learning curve for an old guy like myself but it’s going better than expected. Setting up MetaMask, adding the test network to MetaMask and checking flare scan for my FXRP was a difficult task for a noob. They chose all different skill levels for the beta, they wanted a real world experience by having a vast tech level of participants. Well I can say I am at the lower end of the tech level, forsure with out a doubt. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Out of 1-10 in tech related things.... I am a ZERO . I am also very thankful for this opportunity to do the beta and excited to give it my all.

I’ll be doing a blog on my findings after the beta is over which should last a few weeks. We are just getting set up now, so stay tuned. I’ve recognized a few other Twitter people in the Discord chat for the flare beta, it’s pretty cool to be involved in this and I’m very grateful for this learning process.

Check out this little Flare Finance introduction video put of by the FF team, I’m pretty excited for things to come and let’s be honest ETH fees are a killer.


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