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These last 7 days were time off, not from work but the diet, from the watching what I eat and exercising to just relaxing and enjoying life. After 9 weeks I think XRPtwin and I both earned a week off at Christmas. The week off was glorious and I really didn’t exercise or think of the diet at all. Well some times I did when I got a little bloated but then I reminded myself “I’m enjoying Christmas”

and Enjoy Christmas I did !!

Perhaps a little too much. I ate more breakfasts than I ever have. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and it’s a meal I skip 5 or 6 days a week. Normally weekends when I’m home we eat a big breakfast but during the week I rarely have time so I just skip it. Not this past week though, I think I had breakfast 5 days and skipped 2.

Christmas Day was wonderful, just the four of us. We had a breakfast called wifesaver that my beautiful wife Lee makes every year and we eat it for 2-3 days, check out her blog on this wifesaver HERE . Watched a couple movies, relaxed and played a board game. Then for supper we had one of my favourite meals chicken and dumplings, see Lee’s blog HERE . Normally our Christmas dinner consists of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cabbage rolls, perogies and pumpkin pie for dessert around family. But only the four of us meant we could never eat all that food so this was a great idea, chicken and dumplings, YUM 🤤.

Lee made these little peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, they remind me of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Fortunately or unfortunately no one likes them but me. I’d go to the fridge for a water or pop and grab 1-2. Walk by the fridge and grab 1. Sit on the couch and think .... you know what I need a peanut butter ball, as they have come to be known. Well, if your thinking I should get them out of the house and throw them out .... don’t worry out of 40 there’s only 5 left. So will be gone today.

I’ve made a mistake and regret some decisions. Food regret, or bad decision regret. If you felt this before, I’m sure you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say food regret. It’s that feeling in the deepest pit of your stomach like you did something terrible. Something worth punishing. It can feel as bad as waking up after a night of drinking, or spending a little too much at the casino, or the feeling you get when you tell a little lie, or when you spend a too much of that pay check on Xrp, or treat a loved one badly. It’s a feeling that makes you sick, It is dread. It is despair. But, in this case it's just about the food you ate. All the bad food, as people call it.

You really shouldn’t think of foods as good and bad foods. It gets your mind in a bad space, when you do take a little break and have that piece of pie. No food is good or bad. There are just things that are healthy for your body and then others that aren't as healthy for your body. Time to change the way you think. It’s not about good or bad. Just think-

This isn’t the healthiest choice, but nobody makes the healthiest choices all the time.

One thing to always remember it's important to keep in mind that health and weight loss look different for every person. If you want to lose weight, what works for you might not work for others, and vice versa. Each person has there own weightloss journey. Through trial and error you will find something that works, keep trying, keep tweaking. It took years or decades to put on these pounds, don’t think it’s just going to be a piece of cake to lose.

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Wow, hard to believe it’s been 9 weeks. Some weeks I hardly had to try and it seemed the pounds would fly off. Then other weeks it was a battle to lose anything at all, while others I added to my tonnage. Results are just that, results. I’m going to keep at it and over the long haul I’m going to reach my goal, no doubt in my mind.


I think my journey in digital assets has trained me like a pro to forge through the fire and keep hodling to my goal. Just like with XRP, I know what the out come will be. Just keep hodling and maintain course and XRP with get me to my financial goal. Well the same can be said for weight loss. With weightloss you can’t just expect results in a few weeks and everything will go as according to plan. There’s huge dips and some truly great weeks and then there’s a rise a rise in pounds that no one wants. A rise in XRP every one wants, well except Bitcoin maxis. The one major difference between weightloss and XRP is the goals are reversed. My weight I want it to plummet, while XRP I want to go to the moon. Some times my weight goes to the moon and my XRP holdings plummeted. Not ideal, but if you know crypto you also know the term BTD. Buy The Dip. Well in digital assets this is a green light to buy up our favourite assets on the cheap. My luck is I buy the dip and the dip keeps dipping

Well in diet world BTD means something completely different.

Beat The Diet !

Why beat the diet? Don’t you want to be successful in your diet goals ? Truth is yes, but diets aren’t successful or rarely are. A diet will give you a boost to help you jump off to a good start. But the only way to be successful and BTD is to make a lifestyle change. I’ve made a few with eating habits and one thing I’ve really changed is late night snacking, I have been able to kick that habit and replace it with a new healthier habit of fruit or carrots if I want a snack. Sure sometimes sweets, sugar cookies in particular, break down the door and demand I devour them. So I oblige. Your can’t be restricted and regimented all the time. You have to live as well.

My last few years in crypto summed up in one gif

Ferdi gave me the challenge to take the week off, it was very tempting to take it off but I did fairly well this week .. I think 🤔. I had a hard week with physical work, which I guess is good as it did help me out to stay on track. I was hoping to take Christmas week, this week, off so I thought I better stay on track other wise it would be two weeks off. That I knew I couldn’t do, so I stayed on track this week.

This week my challenge to my man Ferdi, my partner in crime is ..... enjoy the week, spend it with his family. Enjoy Christmas and all the snacks, meals with all trimmings and close family time. I wish him and his family a wonderful Christmas. This year is hard enough at Christmas because of lock downs and restrictions galore. I’m actually going to assign my self this exact same challenge.... hopefully ..... Unless Ferdi gives me a challenge, if he does I’ll do my best to do it. But if not then it’s time to enjoy Christmas week. Time for a break and what better time than Christmas.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas this week, have a great week and enjoy yourselves. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Weightloss is a long term goal not a 9 week sprint, it’s a marathon.

Slow and steady wins the race

380, I’ll take it ! Lost 2 lbs 💪🏻

Thank you for reading, until the next one





Today on shop Saturday I’m going to talk about support walls and beams. How to tell the difference, determine what walls can be removed, to open up your space. If your not sure which walls are structural then I do suggest hiring an engineer for a small fee they can come out and tell you exactly which walls can come down. Don’t take anything I say here to mean start swinging a sledge hammer, that’s not what I mean at all.

There is a lot that goes into determining if a wall is load bearing or not, like I said don’t just start swinging a hammer knocking out walls. But one of the main ways to tell a structural wall from a non structural wall is a supporting wall starts all the way from the foundation or support posts, known as telepost’s in Canada, in the basement. An outside wall is structural, walls constructed in concrete in the basement and go to wood on the first floor and wood on the second floor. The force is flowing down from the roof to each floor right down to concrete foundation. Now a structural wall in the center of the house would have a beam and teleposts in the basement that support that wall and carry through to each floor, a thing called squash blocks are used to distribute the load from each floor directly to the beam and not the joists

Here is a picture of a telepost and 4 ply beam in a basement, each layer of 2 by material is called a ply. 4 layers = 4 ply.

In this image below you can see that walls that run parallel with the joists are not supporting. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t be supporting, it just means they most likely are not supporting. A safe bet is all exterior walls and a wall in the middle of your house is supporting. A little more investigation needs to be done to determine a load bearing wall, A wall running perpendicular to the joists and if it’s supporting would have a wall underneath it for support. Each floor has to be supported by following floor. Floor joists need a support wall underneath as they can’t span clear across the house. As in the image below the Center wall is load bearing and under that wall is a beam and posts to support that beam and wall up above.


Now when it comes to a roof system, 95 % of the time you see a truss in your attic, that means no walls on the top floor of your house are supporting. Trusses are normally built to be clear span, or self supporting, which means they are engineered to need no intermediate support. Trusses are built off site and brought to site. Below is a truss diagram

Stick framed roofs normally rely more on supporting walls. They are made up of 2 by material cut and nailed together on site to build your roof piece by piece. Below is a stick framed diagram.

So as you can see, lots of things determine if a wall is structural or not. You would have to look and see what your attic structure is. Then determine if a wall is supporting or not. Follow that wall down each floor and see if there is a wall or posts underneath.

On this shop Saturday I install a 3 ply beam in the attic on top of the truss bottom 2x4 cord. From there I install a joist hanger under the truss cord and attach to the beam with the appropriate fasteners. Now this wall isn’t supporting, there’s no beam or posts down stairs in this location.

So why did I do it?

In the original hall way one truss was sagging about 1/2” because this truss was not sitting on any of the walls. So even though these walls were not structural, they were supporting just a little, tiny bit.

Would it be fine if I didn’t add the beam?

Yes 100% it would be.

I added the beam to prevent any further sagging and to support the trusses in the mid span of the house, or Center of the house. The beam is supported on the outside wall and on the inside wall that is a structural wall. Again it was not needed but I tend to over build things. For the $150 materials cost and 1 days labor I think it’s just a good practice. If there was no sagging at all originally, then I would have not put in a beam at all.

But ... Better safe than sorry

Check out my cinnamon video on the progress of this job . Also a little discussion on load bearing walls.






It’s like private club, we are truly cut from different cloth. No one knows the life, the early hours, the late hours, the sacrifices, the work truly involved except another contractor. It’s a lonely life, Justin Bieber’s song Lonely comes to mind. Well In the song he talks about what a lonely life. The world flashes by, while he works and works... I am not famous or rich but, No one knows what it’s like unless your in da club, the contractor club.


Normally in the working world one leaves work and never thinks of it again untill there next shift. Weather it’s the next day or on Monday after 2 days off? 2 days off what’s that?

Ok ok ... kind of dramatic Gord

I know but to get my point across I kind of had to be. We are a hard working class, working for people who can’t do the work them selves. Working in homes we could never afford ourselves and building magnificent dreams of our clients into a mouth watering realities. Keep clients happy, even when it’s impossible. Even when it costs us money, we do everything we can. Sometimes even getting treated like “just a contractor” a scum of the earth contractor.

Well at least our own houses are so beautiful and Reno’d with all the free labor you only need to buy materials. I’m pretty sure if you listen real close, SHHHH, listen ...... you hear that ? you hear Lee die from laughter? I do 😂

It’s like an auto mechanic never working on his own vehicle. Well contractors are kind of the same. We are always working and helping others, that our own houses get put on hold quite often. Plus do you want to come home from your job and keep working at home on the exact same thing you did all day ? I think not.

The phone rings........

Emergency call at night.

Friends needing a hand.

Family needing a hand.

Friends of friends needing a hand.

Now don’t get me wrong I love to help and save people thousands on there Reno’s and repairs. As I get older I realize my time is finally more important that money. Even though I know it, I still have a hard time saying no. Most times it’s only a 1-2 job and it’s only 2 days right ?? So I do it. I saved friends/family thousands and thousands of dollars. Take this Reno I’m doing on Shop Saturday now for friends, it’s a $35,000-$40,000 job all day long every week. And I’m doing it for a fifth of that. And that makes me happy.


I already did a blog on time and what it’s worth HERE, so this is just how much I have left ... Like grains of sand falling through the hour glass, so too are my days of freedom. Freedom to sleep in on a weekend, freedom to finish my own projects around the house. Plain and simple, days of freedom to do as I please. If I live to be 70 I only have 2700 more days off, now that’s if I get 2 days off a week. HA, I’m such a dreamer, 8 days off a month .... We can take that 2700 days off and divide it by 2 = 1350 , that’s 4 days a month off. Even at that it might be a stretch this year.


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Worst week ever, no scale is need to figure this out. I’m really scared about the warden this week. Work is crazy... again. One of our good friends wanted some work done, a small job of a front entry closet removal and a cabinet/bench built and installed. Simple, easy job. Then, what was once easy, snow balled into 1 wall coming down, then that turned into all walls on the main floor are being knocked out and opened up the floor plan to a beautiful space. This job is going a little slow because it’s evenings and weekends, side work as I have time, sort of job.

We were once looking to slow down and that has taken a turn. It hasn’t been this busy in 20 years. Everyone is spending the relief funds that they got. I know I should be grateful for the work and I am, just hard for me to find a balance in this world.

Finding a balance is difficult right now, it’s something I need to do. But as a people pleaser I always want to get jobs finished.

This is day number 56/90 , if you remember the 21/90 rule from a previous post it states that you commit to a personal or professional goal for 21 straight days. Then after the 21 days, the pursuit of that goal should have become a habit. Once you've established that habit, you continue to do it for another 90 days then it’s in your brain to stay. Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer, sadly it could take 21-250 days for a new behaviour to become a new habit to become automatic or habitual in nature. I look like it may be taking longer. Although one thing I’ve broke my habit on is snacking at night, minus the 6 cookies I eat. Only 7 more cookies in the bin left, I know because I just ate one 😂 they are my kryptonite. My weakness if you will.

I need to make time for exercise, I have to. Tonight I dust off the treadmill. It’s a must and I have to. I need more exercise. I’m very thankful I have a physical job.

Lee has always been amazing when I have to work more, she wants me home but knows it’s for the family so she steps up huge and keeps the house of 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 cats, 4 dogs and a partridge in a pear tree running smooth and wonderful. Even has time to make these diet killing sugar cookies. This meme might be the truest one I’ve ever seen ⬇️⬇️

I hope Ferdi is having a better week than I did. I didn’t get the extra cinnamon video push up challenge completed that he gave me. I did the push ups, just no video. So no video means it didn’t happen, I guess ?! I wonder if he got my challenge to him completed ? What am I saying? Of course he got it done, he always gets it completed. I feel bad I was just so busy and every spare second, I was just just too exhausted to do a video.

This week Ferdi let’s do so stair climbing for you , 300 flights ! 42 flights per day 😎 you can do it man. You kill your challenges all the time.

Ferdi said he had a cheat day or should I say cheat week last week. Well this week was a cheat week for me. I’m scared to ask but ...

Well warden how did I do ?

Yikes !! But You know what, I’ll take it .. up 6 lbs but I thought I was going to be more . This week I have to exercise more, that’s my goal for this week 💪🏻





⚠️ Truths are told about a jolly fat man⚠️

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ADULTS ONLY ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

It was a Saturday in early December, around the time it is right now, I was in the third grade. I woke up early and watched my favourite cartoon, Care Bears. Now, let’s be honest, I didn’t tell anyone because this was considered a girly show but I just loved it. Snow had just started to fall from the heavens. It wasn’t the first snow fall but it was fresh like a fluffy cloud. I called a few friends and we all said “yes, let’s go !” So I took out my wooden toboggan from the old shed and went to the school hill, met up with my friends to sled down the hill for hours. When younger, what seemed to be a fairly large hill, a monster that reached to the sky when I was 8. Years later I seen our old tobogganing hill and it was a little disappointing to say the least.

My friends would tell me that there was no such thing as Santa. I still believed in Santa, because he’s real. I knew it in my heart. He’s real, he’s real ... HE’S REAL !! I’d get made fun of and they would say things like

“You believe in Santa, HAHAHA, I bet you watch the Care Bears too ?!”

Me – “ pfft, ya right who watches the Care Bears, that show is for babies”

We stayed till we all got cold and went home to eat supper at our respective houses. After dinner I opened the Consumers Distributing Catalogue and started looking at toys and circling what I wanted. Mom was bugging me to make a list, as Santa needed it early to make the toys for millions of kids. The go to at the time was Consumer’s Distributing Catalogue. If your from the 80’s in Canada then you get why I’m talking about. Now that I think about it, it was kind of the Amazon of the day. You would look through, pick your purchases and then order your items. The store would call you when they came in from the wearhouse and you could pick them up. Very high tech for the 80’s.

I found this red hockey net, white stitched mesh at the rear. It was so awesome. I asked my mom and she said it was too much money and maybe Santa could bring it. So from that day forward and right up until Christmas I wished upon a falling star

“Please Santa, can I just have the hockey net. It’s all I want, it’s perfect and awesome. Please .... please .... please.... pretty please 🙏🏼“

About 1 week before Christmas I was shooting a tennis ball with my hockey stick at the garage wall as I often did. The ball bounced and went behind the work bench. I go behind the bench to get the ball and holy smokes.

“MY HOCKEY NET !!!” I scream

Wow my parents did buy it. I was so excited but I didn’t want to let them know and spoil the surprise, so I kept quite and dreamed of Christmas so I could shoot my ball at the net. I went to sleep on the 24th so excited. 1 more sleep...

The day finally came ! My hockey net will be mine. I open gifts and notice the long box at the back of the tree. I play it cool and save it for last, not to draw attention to it. I’ve opened everything else and only my net is left and pull it out, “wow it’s heavy” I said. I glance at the gift tag and it says

To : Gordie

From: Santa

But how is that possible? And why would they lie about Santa? Days and weeks later, I’d grasp at straws to make sense of this “Maybe I was bad and Santa said I get no gifts, but my parents bought me 1 anyway so I wouldn’t be sad.” I’d think to my self

Nope that’s not right, only one explanation that made sense to me... MY DAD IS FREAKING SANTA CLAUS and that’s exactly what it was. My dad was Santa 🎅🏻

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This week I think I’ve done well, I’ve probably cheated a little more with some of my choices then other weeks but also I’ve been working pretty hard at work and at home so I’m hoping it’s helped out and maybe... just MAYBE, it has. I feel good, feel way better or agile if you will. It’s getting more difficult to keep focused. I feel like Dug from the movie UP. Carl, the old man, had a dog named Dug with a collar that would translate his thoughts to speech. It seems our Golden Retriever has an attention span like mine lately as it’s difficult for me to focus.

Week 7 and it’s the 7 week itch? Is that a thing? I’ve heard of the 7 year itch when it comes to relationships and marriage. Really at 7 weeks I would still be in the honeymoon stage? I don’t know? I’ve really finding it difficult, I’m just going to say it’s a thing because I did cheat more this week than any other week, so it must be. The 7 week itch on a diet, to be honest, I’ve kind of lost interest. It’s bad but I have. I know I have to keep going and get more strict with my food intake and my exercise, I need more exercise. The one thing that remained was no snacking at night. I feel this is a big role in my lifestyle change if I’m to be successful. After dinner, no snacking. Also I’ve been trying to incorporate a little larger lunch and smaller dinner which I read somewhere is a good idea. After supper your more immobile if you will.

My Challenge last week from Ferdi was to do a blog or video on a wine / beer review, just like the two masters do. Well Inspired by two bloggers, Alexander Smith and Srdan Vocanec. In the end I choose a Cinnamon Video. This will be my only post or blog on my favourite spirt, I’m going to leave it up to these two masters of their craft. I choose to do a alcohol that I do quite enjoy. Vodka😎. This one is called Pink Whitney, it’s a pink lemonade vodka. Very flavourful and can get pretty scary, fast. By scary I mean you will be drunk 🥴

No nudity or swearing I promise. There is a little alcohol consumption goin on 🍻

Have a look at the cinnamon video ⬇️⬇️


Well my man XRPTWIN , Ferdi. I’ve tried to think of something for you. Something challenging but fun. Coming up with challenges can be difficult. So I’ve come up with this. We love our smoothies in our house, I already gave you a Cintia smoothie challenge. So for one day this week you can only do smoothies, all day, only smoothies. Any kind of smoothies you want..... Sure, have that steak for dinner but you better drink that steak through a straw 😂 you can do it. I have faith in you.

Now time to check in with the warden, my scale.

I’m pretty pumped after that weigh in 376lbs . So I lost 6lbs this week, all week I was scared of the warden. Last week I went up, I thought forsure I’d gone up again. When I say I cheated on my eating I mean I CHEATED. On top of all my bad food choices, Lee also made suger cookies..... which are absolutely delicious. I might have been eating 1 or 7, closer to 7 .... ok, ok closer to 10. There just so good

Keep waging on, fight your battle of the bulge.

Thanks for reading ❤️ Until the next one





Welcome back to Shop Saturday!! When it comes to taping drywall I am no “professional” I’d say. Now that being said I get the job done and do a professional job, but I do not want to do large drywall finishing, taping, jobs. It’s best left to the professional’s on this one. I learned 20 years ago from a little Portuguese man named Rico , I say little because he was 4,8” tall, he would always threaten to steal our ladies. He would say “ I may be tiny, but iI can work it. Your ladies can’t resist me” he always kept us laughing 😂 Now when he wore stilts he was over 7’ tall almost 8’. Many tapers would were stilts to reach places they normally couldn’t it would save a lot of up and down on the ladders or scafold.

This is what he taught me among other things but this is the short version 😊


There is an all purpose mud (blue container)

The all purpose compound can be used for all aspects of taping and drywall finishing/ repairs. It’s a great combination of both yellow and green mud. The nice thing is your sanding rate, I’ll talk more on this later, is the same through the job because your using the same compound product.


Yellow or taping mud basically has more adhesive property’s so it’s great to apply your tape coat and your corner beads. You’ll want to add water to the mud/compound and mix it up, the tape adhesion is improved greatly when the water in the mud soaks into the tape. It really helps to adhere it to the drywall.

Always use paper tape... ALWAYS

just make sure your mud is liquid enough and you will get proper adhesion. Do not, I repeat DO NOT use fibreglass tape, it has its uses on patching ect but very limited use. You’ll want to use fibreglass tape because it’s self adhesive. Don’t do it


Green or finishing mud is just a smoother easier sanded product. Less adhesive properties than yellow.


If there’s one thing you learn today it’s this ! Every drywall product sands different. Blue, yellow, green, red ( classic Finish) they all sand different, so work with the order of hard to sand to easily sanded. You want to apply products that work together and in proper orders. Let’s say you applied yellow and then green. But oh no, your short on green so you just use left over yellow compound. What’s the big deal right? Well let me tell you. Yellow is hard to sand, green will sand away easier and you’ll never get the yellow smooth and flush to the green because of the different properties of the compound. For this reason blue or All purpose is best for the DIY weekend warrior. I also know lots of professional tapers that only use blue. So it’s a preference to what you want to use.


One last thing is a fast set product. I may be crazy but around all showers/ tubs and even most bathrooms I use fast set. Why you ask ? No one else does this ? Well I’ll tell you my crazy logic. All of the other compounds when applied just dry on there own, if I was to add water back on to a compound that is dry it would turn soft again and dry eventually..... again. But can cause mold because of the organic material also rots easy. Now fast set is a chemical reaction that hardens it, not air dry. So it’s not affected by water because of the chemical reaction. Mold free basically. So if you use a mold board drywall and fast set your bathroom has a better chance of survival from the years of moisture from long teenage boys showers. Who takes a 30 min shower ? Seriously 😂

You can do it ! I have faith in you 🙏🏼💪🏻

I hoped this helped you, there are many ways to get the job done... and done right. This is just my process, Check out my cinnamon video and see how the front entry remodel is coming.


Thanks for watching and reading !!



⬅️SHOP SATURDAY- front entry part 1


Funny you should ask ?? I was asking my self the very same question a few weeks back when I seen a TikTok that said “google, why were chainsaws invented!” So of course I did. Never in a million years would I have guessed this. To find out why, we have to jump in my time machine and go back to the late 1700’s in Scotland.

My Scottish brothers n sisters. I never knew that 2 Scottish men would invent the chainsaw. Not because it was cold and they were tired of swinging an axe but for some other crazy reason. Scotland is on my list of places to visit the beauty just makes my jaw drop. Check out the subscriber section for some beautiful Scotland pictures 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. My Mom’s mom , so my grandma, was born in Glasgow in 1911 and came to Canada as a baby. My dads Grandparents, or my great grandparents, were born in Aberdeen 1870 and came to Canada at some point there after.

Not just Scotland but, world wide when giving birth sometimes babies couldn't make there way out and they would get stuck in the pelvis. A knife was used to remove parts of bone and cartilage to create more space for the baby to make the big reveal or great escape. The doctors would perform a symphysiotomies procedure or removal of bone and cartilage as discribed above with a knife.

This was a standard procedure carried out on pregnant women during birth at the time. Now in present time a caesarian or C-section which is now the modern practice is a much safer way then to try and force the baby through the birthing canal. This symphysiotomies was a slow, painful process often done with zero pain meds as it was done very spur of the moment. So they described it as a messy procedure with a knife? So what would make this go faster and cleaner ?? A CHAINSAW !!

So Dr.John Aitken and Dr.James Jeffray in the early 1780s, invented the chainsaw. Yes you read that right, a knife was too slow and MESSY ? I don’t think of precision when I think of a chainsaw, I think of a large gas powered saw that I use to cut up fallen trees on our property. A saw that I use in framing or demolition work. Not a precision tool used in surgery ????

Well You will be glad to know that the chainsaw used is not the same one or size that we today, use to cut down trees. It was a smaller hand held version that was turned by a hand crank like pictured below.

This picture still doesn’t put me at ease, can you freaking imagine. Even with pain meds or sedation..... good god,

Have I said before that I think women are warriors and amaze, Yes, your god damn right I have. For the health of our ladies, I’m very thankful that the C-section was eventually made a clean enough and safe enough alternative to the chainsaw or pelvic widening procedure.

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