DIARY OF A FAT MAN VII ( 6 min read)


This week I think I’ve done well, I’ve probably cheated a little more with some of my choices then other weeks but also I’ve been working pretty hard at work and at home so I’m hoping it’s helped out and maybe... just MAYBE, it has. I feel good, feel way better or agile if you will. It’s getting more difficult to keep focused. I feel like Dug from the movie UP. Carl, the old man, had a dog named Dug with a collar that would translate his thoughts to speech. It seems our Golden Retriever has an attention span like mine lately as it’s difficult for me to focus.

Week 7 and it’s the 7 week itch? Is that a thing? I’ve heard of the 7 year itch when it comes to relationships and marriage. Really at 7 weeks I would still be in the honeymoon stage? I don’t know? I’ve really finding it difficult, I’m just going to say it’s a thing because I did cheat more this week than any other week, so it must be. The 7 week itch on a diet, to be honest, I’ve kind of lost interest. It’s bad but I have. I know I have to keep going and get more strict with my food intake and my exercise, I need more exercise. The one thing that remained was no snacking at night. I feel this is a big role in my lifestyle change if I’m to be successful. After dinner, no snacking. Also I’ve been trying to incorporate a little larger lunch and smaller dinner which I read somewhere is a good idea. After supper your more immobile if you will.

My Challenge last week from Ferdi was to do a blog or video on a wine / beer review, just like the two masters do. Well Inspired by two bloggers, Alexander Smith and Srdan Vocanec. In the end I choose a Cinnamon Video. This will be my only post or blog on my favourite spirt, I’m going to leave it up to these two masters of their craft. I choose to do a alcohol that I do quite enjoy. Vodka😎. This one is called Pink Whitney, it’s a pink lemonade vodka. Very flavourful and can get pretty scary, fast. By scary I mean you will be drunk 🥴

No nudity or swearing I promise. There is a little alcohol consumption goin on 🍻

Have a look at the cinnamon video ⬇️⬇️


Well my man XRPTWIN , Ferdi. I’ve tried to think of something for you. Something challenging but fun. Coming up with challenges can be difficult. So I’ve come up with this. We love our smoothies in our house, I already gave you a Cintia smoothie challenge. So for one day this week you can only do smoothies, all day, only smoothies. Any kind of smoothies you want..... Sure, have that steak for dinner but you better drink that steak through a straw 😂 you can do it. I have faith in you.

Now time to check in with the warden, my scale.

I’m pretty pumped after that weigh in 376lbs . So I lost 6lbs this week, all week I was scared of the warden. Last week I went up, I thought forsure I’d gone up again. When I say I cheated on my eating I mean I CHEATED. On top of all my bad food choices, Lee also made suger cookies..... which are absolutely delicious. I might have been eating 1 or 7, closer to 7 .... ok, ok closer to 10. There just so good

Keep waging on, fight your battle of the bulge.

Thanks for reading ❤️ Until the next one