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Welcome back ! Been another crazy week, not just in my weightloss but life/ work in general. So are you sensing a pattern? We need to make time for the things that matter. Life is crazy, I think I make my crazy life. I KNOW I DO. If you read my Coil post and watched my Cinnamon video from yesterday you will see that just as work kind of slows down ( if you missed it I’ll put a link at the end of the blog, hit ⬅️ PREVIOUS BLOG ) I kind of slow down and another door opens, a friend wanting work done and, well I rarely use the word NO in my vocabulary. I’m a people pleaser, It’s a problem I have. I like helping people and giving huge discounts to friends and zero charge to family ... and let’s be honest I love making money.

We have lived in our little slice of heaven for about 8 years. The garage is basically all shop. 4 car attached garage of beauty. Not really, I’ve been working on the garage since we moved in. Electrical upgrades, insulating drywall ect. Every year I say this is the year I’ll be finished. And every year, it just passes by. Kind of like my weightloss, I just kept putting it off every year till I have more time. But really, I’m thinking, I’ll never have time.... so like my weightloss I’m just going to have to do it. This past summer I framed a gable roof on the garage front to increase curb appeal. Took out one of the double overhead doors and replaced it with a single. Framed in a window on the side and installed new shingles. Truth be told I hired a kid to install shingles, put an ad in the buy and sell. He came and did it in two days. Stripped the old and installed the new. I was just to busy and could t do it, it KILLED me to spend $400 when I could have done the work my self. Actually I gave him $500 because he worked his ass off. And turned out great, I hated spending that money.

I have to realize. I can’t do it all, even though I can do it all. I physically don’t have enough hours in the day. It’s ok to ask for help, hire help. By spending a little money here and there it takes enormous pressure off me. Maybe, that gives more time to focus on me and family.

More time to focus on my health. Oh ya that’s why you all came to read my blog today. Well I had a pretty cheating week. Working at a friends place I was fed more than I normally eat and well it’s all good and REALLY delicious. My warden, my scales nickname, doesn’t like it before we get on the scale let’s check in on Xrptwins challenge to me

Ferdi’s challenge he gave me, drink water only for two of the days. Only water ... no pop , no juice , no coffee 🥺 , no coffee ?? Wtf ... Well I’m happy to report.......... Mission accomplished!!! I actually enjoyed this, I am a huge Diet Pepsi fan. Lee and I both. So it felt good to get away from that and drink more water. One down side and a big down side is I love coffee, I feel I need it to live. That was the hardest part of the two day challenge. I had a real bad headache both days while I went through withdrawl of no caffeine. I don’t know that I could stop coffee 100%, it’s an addiction. Kind of like food addiction but different, sort of. One day maybe I’ll try water only one of the weeks.

This week for ferdi I’m going to say have a cheat day. If you follow the Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, you will notice his cheat meals are something to envy 🤤. So this week cheat a little. With food of course. Have that stack of pancakes or burger and fries, watch a movie and eat popcorn 🍿. 1 day to forget about the diet and live.

I know ... I know you have questions, how did I do this week?? well I did great thank you very much. Oh you mean did I lose weight, let me go ask the warden

Yikes ! Well that was disappointing. I gained 3 pounds! ! ! 282 lbs , makes sense I was pretty bad this week. This coming week will be better💪🏻

To be honest I feel good and I know it’s because I ate too good at my friends house. So I’m still in good spirits. Keep fighting and never give up. Just like my home renovations, I have to do it and make time.

Life is busy, you need to make time for the things you want .... Time is a big factor. If you missed my blog on time well, you know what to do ... ⬇️⬇️⬇️CHECK IT OUT⬇️⬇️⬇️

Thanks for reading ❤️ Until the next one





Wait ... Sunday ? Yes sorry, was having issues yesterday. But glitch is all fixed ! So today, or yesterday or ... on this episode, yes that’s better, on this episode we are going to remove a closet in the front entry of this house. Then it snow balled a bit and turned into taking down the wall on the living room side and making a half wall. Then is was added to again and again with more work to do. In the front entry we will be building a cabinet and a floating live edge bench. Also on the back wall will be shiplap siding that gives it a really nice look. Now taking down the wall meant moving the 3 gang switch location to the garage wall, involved in that is pulling the wires out of the box and up into the attic.

Installing a junction box and running new wire to the new location. A junction box is an electrical box that you splice wires together and used to lengthen wire with out having to run a new line from box to box. All splices of wire must be in a junction box, this must also be accessible incase there is an issue and the splices must be checked. If you hide it in a wall, not only is it illegal but, if you ever have an electrical problem it makes it damn near impossible to diagnose with a hidden junction box.

How can you tell which walls can come down ?

Well, an easy way is any wall that runs parallel with the roof trusses or floor joists is most likely a wall that can be removed, some exceptions do arise depending on framing and how the house was constructed. But this is a good rule of thumb. Now walls that run perpendicular to trusses or joists can be a little more tricky. A good way to see if the wall is structural, it will be in a the same location on every floor of your house. Right from the basement to the first and second floor, that doesn’t mean it can’t be taken out. It just means you need a beam to support the load of what ever is above. For this sometimes a structural engineer maybe required.

So many times people add on to the project while your there working. Sometimes the job that’s booked after can be bumped the appropriate amount of time to accommodate the added work, other times it can not. Fortunately on this job, it’s for good friends which means really cheap😂, like 75% off, that also means they are very accommodating on timelines .... I mean, not like anyone is coming over for some holiday cheer this year or for Christmas. With us going into a lockdown, I find in strange that construction is an essential service ? I get emergency items but not improvements? Seems kind of cray to me, but hey what do I know.

Well let’s take a look at this video ⬇️






I’m sure all of you thought I’d say Coil and Cinnamon video, well yes that’s entirely true and a great way to make extra money but in this post I’m sharing another way.

So, in this post I’m going to tell you how to make an extra $1000 a mth. It’s actually pretty easy. I came across this years back, 22 years to be exact, the ad was actually in the news paper at the time. Yes that goes to show you how long ago this was 🤣. It read something like-


$500-$1000 A MONTH.








Well it intrigued me, I thought ‘it’s only $10 so why not see ?’ This was the days before the internet and looking things up. I took a chance and sent my money to the unknown PO Box. The address above I changed to the New York Stock Exchange just for fun 🤣. The money making ad basically said send $10 and they send you instructions on how to start making money from home stuffing envelopes for clients. Yes the days before emails and Etransfer’s. I actually mailed in my crisp $10 bill and what I got back in return shocked me.

I don’t share my wealth tips very freely so I’m saving it for Coil subscribers only. This money making method is like a golden ticket. Making money from home, while stuffing envelopes for clients and making not bad cash for a side hustle. If your a subscriber check out how this simple thing can make you $500 a month, if not skip your bagel today and sign up for Coil HERE. YOU WANT THIS TIP! Plus, So many great creators to browse and you also get to check out Cinnamon Video !!



Well the diet this week took a little bit of a beating and not in a good way, this week was a little bad. First off it was my wife’s birthday so we ate a little less healthy as a result. Her birthday just isn’t a one day thing it’s all week, as she puts it, the queens birthday week. My son Jake made a chocolate birthday cake with white chocolate icing that was simply amazing. Well I tried to avoid it, not very hard mind you, I ate 4 pieces over a few days.... Even Charlie thought of taking a piece, as this photo is proof.

This week I did watch what I ate but not like I should have. Monday weight in, not gonna lie, I’m a little scared. Not only my food choices were so so. My exercise took a hit too this week, still work is busy. I was hoping to get a few weeks off. Trying to plan it so I’m off for 3-4 weeks at Christmas. So far my timing is looking good and work is slowing down. Now as far as my cheating this week, you gotta live too. If something is to strict it’s harder to stick to it. I’ve heard before that one cheat day a week is a good idea. It gives you 4 days a month to feel like you can still stretch your arms and breathe. To much restriction is never a good thing and can set you up for failure before you get started. Surprisingly I’m not missing my evening snacks anymore. If I do have the urge to snack I’ve been choosing healthier, carrots / celery with a little ranch dip Is my go to now.


Challenge from Ferdi last week

I was to take 3 pictures of Christmas decorations out in my neighborhood or surrounding area. If no decorations can be found then just some pictures and walking to get them of course. It’s a little early for decorations I did find one up the street from us. This is Ralph from A Christmas Story, very creepy looking, in our house we say it could be a Halloween decoration as well.

This picture I took while out for a walk, a little deer came by to say hello. So cute, I love where we live it’s truly magical. Being outside the city and having wild life right on our street makes my heart smile.

This next one I’m high, 3 floors high to be exact, up on scaffold finishing up a few things in shorts and a T-shirt. Yes I’m crazy. I can wear shorts all year round with no issues. Some times it’s a little cold so I put on pants. I’m in Home Depot fairly often, like daily. It gets a little awkward when the check out girls yell “hey, I’ve never seen you with pants on”

Well that challenge is complete, I’m sure Ferdi will easily finish my challenge I gave him. He’s very good at the challenges, he’s kicking my ass. If your a subscriber check out what challenge I’m giving Ferdi this week and how this weeks story ends and how much I lost, if not skip your bagel today and sign up for Coil HERE. So many great creators to browse and you also get to check out Cinnamon Video !!

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This year was a crazy year but 2020 BC-19 , I’m talking in terms of BC-19 and AC-19 What’s that ? Well, Before Covid and After Covid. So in 2020 BC-19 I would have never guessed I’d be blogging let alone doing videos. Both of these platforms have givin me a freedom in the midst of the early days of the lockdown. Again I don’t talk money or amounts very often, well never. Both Coil and Cinnamon have been more than generous with there pay. Every dollar helps in today’s crazy world. Both have givin me more than freedom, they have also given me many new and blossoming friendships. I cherish you all so much.

Coil has givin me a great soul mending platform to post my blogs, it’s just been great for me to get my thoughts down and out in the world. It’s really healing for me. Plus there is a wonderful community so welcoming and encouraging. Never in a million years would I think I’d be blogging. I always say Coil has givin me my voice and some people actually read it, which frankly, blows my mind. Having my voice is something that I really never thought I would have. Being a stutter and quite bad at times, I just gave up on ever clearly getting my point across. If you missed my stutter blog, which was early in my Coil days, please check it out HERE it gives you a look into the daily things I and others with a speech problems have to deal with.

I remember Patty B contacted me about making a 30-60 second clip for a video compilation for her husband Michael B. He would watch this on their way to the hospital on his first day of chemo. If you missed it here is the video from Patty’s YouTube


I was really honoured that I got to do this and that she even asked me to do it. Michael and Patty both really HUGE parts of the XRP community and I respect them both, I never knew it yet but they would be such a huge part of my Coil journey as well. I really wanted to do it, my speech problem almost stopped me. Like so close, I can’t even think about it. I was almost going to tell Patty that I can’t and I’m just too busy. I was so torn, it ripped me up and I decided I had to do it. So I went and did, I can’t remember, 300 takes till I had one that my stutter was good enough to show the world XRPGORD for the first time. So I had my voice though coil. If this makes sense at all I still had no speech, other than this video for Michael . Which in hindsight Michael’s video was the push I needed.

Well if never in a million years did I think I’d be blogging and never in a BILLION years would I be doing weekly videos, truly talking would take me weeks to prepare for a meeting. Running through possible questions and how to answer with words I can say was exhausting... but I really love Cinnamon video and I’m enjoying doing videos, something I’ve never thought possible. Sometimes I only do 10 takes now, things have improved with my speech so much. Even at work. It’s funny but the very thing I had to do to improve my speech, talk more, is the thing I avoided as much as humanly possible. Cinnamon has givin me my speech and I’m so grateful.

So this is a huge thank you to Coil for my voice, Cinnamon Video for my speech. To Michael & Patty a HUGE thank you for being you❤️

This blog was written before Coil releasing email addresses in a clerical error. If your a subscriber check out how I feel about this privacy breach, if not skip your bagel today and sign up for Coil HERE. So many great creators to browse and you also get to check out Cinnamon Video !!


Today is my beautiful wife’s birthday. I say I love you not for recognition or out of habit. I say it to remind you that You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Two wordless Wednesday’s got skipped. Last week was Remembrance day and this week is my gorgeous wife Lee’s birthday. Both good reasons to brake the silence of Wednesday’s tradition. Don’t worry I have a video for you to enjoy later on ‘

Words do not do justice what this women means to me. She is my rock, my life, my world and I love her with everything I have in me. If she needed my heart to live I would gladly give it to her so she could continue on in life.

Am I perfect? – NOPE , no one is.

Do we fight? – YEP , we are two strong individuals making 1 life together. Bound to be disagreements.

Does that change how I feel about her? – NOPE, love her more and more everyday.

Lee you are the most amazing person. You can always make me laugh and smile. You are the most amazing person I know. Kind gentle heart and a super mom to our boys. You are so pretty, so smart and SO STRONG I’ve never known a stronger women. When you put your mind to it, it gets done. One of the many things I love about you is the career you choose. It’s a selfless career, a job you do because you love it and love helping others. Because of your enormous heart you have really thrived at it. It’s so incredible that I have always loved you as a friend and now I get to love you as more. You are everything I could ever want in a wife and you are my best friend.

When we got together I gained two sons, I’ve always wanted a son and it’s even better than I could expect because now I have two. Our kids are great, smart, wonderful boys. They grow up so fast, to fast if you ask me....... we’ll sometimes I’d say not fast enough. 😂

Things I vowed to you and still do to this day

🔹I promise to always love you

🔹I vow to always be true

🔹I vow to be there in the good time’s and bad

🔹I promise to never give up on us

🔹I promise to be there to catch you if you should stumble, carry you over every threshold and fall in love with EVERYTIME I see you

🔹I vow that the hand I hold now will be the hand I hold in our later years

🔹I want us to grow old together, to shake our fists at teenagers and talk endlessly about the good old days when things were better

Covid has messed up more plans in our life. Lee’s birthday is kind of a big deal, she is our queen and we celebrate it all week with friends and family. Except this year, we will be getting take out and eating at home. Just the four of us. Dinner and movies. Not what we had in mind but it’s a Covid birthday 🎂

Please watch this slide show on cinnamon video, I love her just the way she is ❤️


Help me wish her a happy birthday on Twitter, send her a birthday wish to brighten her day ❤️





Well blog #4 or should I say IV. Every time I think of the Roman Numeral number four, I think of Rocky IV. Rocky fighting back as he always does to win against an opponent that really should pulverize him. His wife even telling him “you can’t win” but he forged on, kept determined and his determination led him to victory.

Now come on, I can’t be the only one that associates 4 with IV. Rocky taught us all that the underdog can win. The person that should succeed or win doesn’t always come to fruition. Just because everything is against you does not mean you lose. You only lose when your mind says you do. I wrote a blog on what the mind wants all on this topic, check it out for a in-depth look at the intern battle inside us all. Most of the time the talented people succeed but, It’s not about skill or talent, sure those do play a big part in success and definitely make it easier to succeed if your talented in what you do. The old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink is very true.

Determination and work ethic

You can’t teach determination or work ethic. I always tell my kids that a positive attitude and determination will get you anything in life. Getting a 40% on a math test and not caring, there’s no way to teach that? If you don’t care, then there’s nothing anyone can do. If you want to learn then you will. If you want an 80% then you will get it. Because you want it and determination won’t let you fail. Just like anything in life, weight loss is no different.

🔹Positive attitude


🔹Work ethic

Like anything, you have to want it. Some one can tell you to lose weight and you won’t unless you want to. You have to do it for you and no one else. Let’s ask Ivan Drago who he does it for ?

Me- Who do you fight for ?


Me – What’s that ? What is it in English Mr.Drago ?


Me- * gasps* thank you very much for your time Mr. Drago you look agitated, I’ll leave you alone now.

You and only you can decide to lose weight, you have to want it.

I’m losing weight for me and only me, it’s been a challenging week. Lots going on at work. But that will soon becoming to an end. Kind of looking forward to slowing down at work, still unsettled about it, also a welcomed break will be nice. I just hope it’s not to long of a break. Well I didn’t get on a plane to go train in the Soviet Union like Rocky. No climbing mountains, no lifting a sleigh loaded with my trainers, no lifting a tree on my shoulders while high stepping through the snow or doing a bob and weave infront of a huge fire in a remote cabin, in a remote location that I’ve chosen to train in pure isolation. This I did not do.

Although, to be honest I did have a roaring fire just like that, I was snuggling dogs and cats on my couch not bobbing and weaving. I have distractions, things in my regular life and can’t do a rocky training session. I did, however, start weights and the treadmill nothing crazy, just a little. My determination is set and locked on target, my goal will be achieved, no doubt.

If your a subscriber check out how this last week went and how much I lost, if your not A Coil subscriber, skip your bagel today and sign up for Coil HERE. So many great creators to browse and you also get to check out Cinnamon Video !!


Well today on this Shop Saturday we have special guest day! Sort of, no guest appearance or anything. I guess it’s more of a guest appreciation not a appearance but, I just wanted to talk about some one who has had a big impact on my life and I really have no way to say thank you. Now that’s not meaning I can’t tell this person thank you to their face. Sure. I could and have but it just wouldn’t do him justice and need led to share it with the world.

My father-in-law LARRY!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my in-laws and I truly love this man, there’s is not a lot of men I respect.. this man Larry, is one of them. He’s like a father I never had. All around just an amazing guy. I’ve know him for 30 years give or take and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new from him. A little tip or trick , problem solving Larry style.

I’ve told a story called Boys will be Boys about him selling things from a briefcase on the school ground, yes that was real. Not the playboy part but Let me tell you it easily could have been. He’s had a wild and crazy life with so many stories to tell. To top off all the story’s and skill he’s an incredible family man, will do anything for his family. He made a zip line at the lake for all the boys, did a pool with a custom rotating cover and of course the pool was heated. He built a cabin at the lake that we all enjoyed for many years. Since they had to sell it but we all have very fond memories of going to the lake and all the family time that we got to enjoy. It’s kind of like you don’t know what you had till it’s gone, we miss the lake very much. Larry has the work ethic like a 25 year old man but, he turned 68 this year. I don’t know how his mind works sometimes but I like it. He thinks about an out of the box solution and engineers something incredible.

He built a full automated washer making machine, washers you say ? Yes a washer for bolts and nuts. This blueprint for the machine all drawn up in his head and built by him it would take round steel bars and drill out the center . Then it would take a band saw and cut the washers into the thickness ordered. Then drill out more of the bar and then cut more washers.

Anything this man does is built way stronger than it needs to be, if there’s ever a natural disaster I’m finding something he built and moving in.

Today I want to show you a video of a snow plow that Larry built for us. It tows behind my truck and lifts up and down on an electric winch. Simple to use and hook up It just slides into the receiver on my truck. When I’m done plow snow for the day I just unhook it from my truck and drive away. Simply genius, have a look ⬇️


Thanks for reading and watching ❤️





Today is Wordless Wednesday but it’s also Remembrance Day. So Wordless will have to wait until next week. November 11, 102 years ago on a Monday the First World War ended. It ended on November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m. it ended on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Today we remember the sacrifice of our military. In Canada on November 11 we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I’m so proud of the military men and women who fight for our freedoms in the US 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦 and let’s not forget abroad in their respective country’s. It takes a real special individual to lay their life on the line for their county and people. Anyone in the military has my upmost respect and admiration. The sacrifices these individuals make

The Second World War ended on September 2 1945. My Grandfather, Peter, was involved in that war, for the 6 years prior he gave a part of him for the freedoms of others. He was in the Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry. He was an infantryman stationed in Manitoba, Canada. He got the call in 1939 and suited up for war against Hitler.

World War II began in Europe on September, 1st 1939. The Parliament of Canada declared war between Canada and Germany on September 10, 1939. The same day war was declared, the Patricias were mobilized for active service and my Grandfather was off to war at the age of 27 to fight for his country. Peter or bumpy as we called him, more on that later, just a young man with a wife and 3 kids at home.

-Nelly and Peter (Grandma and Grandpa)

There was some close calls for him in the 6 years that followed. Sadly he lost a lot of his friends and buddies in the war. He was riding the London train and forgot his jacket on train when they got off. Well the next day the train station was bombed and they found his jacket but no body? My grandma was notified that he was MIA-missing in action. For 6 weeks she had no clue if he was alive or dead. Then she had word he was alive and was very happy.

August 19 1942- the battle of Dieppe. If you haven’t heard of this well let me tell you. Some will tell you it was one of the great Canadian failures in the war, others say it taught us valuable lessons that eventually led to victory. Maybe with out that lesson we would have never had the tools to win. But It was basically a slaughter for allied forces.

On a crystal clear summer night. Over 200 ships slipped secretly, or so they thought, across the English Channel hoping to surprise the Germans at Dieppe. But as they were just pulling up to shore and about to hit the ground a small German convoy spotted them and alerted the German defenses. As the ships approached the Dieppe beach at 5 am it was clear that they had lost the element of surprise and lives were about to be lost. The very moment boats were on the beach and soldiers feet were in the sand. The Germans opened fire mowing down men and women, bullets, mortors and bombs going off. When the dust settled. Of the 5000 soldiers 1500 were dead, injured or became POW- prisoners of war. By the grace of god my Grandfather was not there, on August 18, the day before,he hurt himself in a Motorcycle crash. Not serious but he was out of commission for alitte while. He often talked that this was the reason he came home alive, thank god he did or I wouldn’t be here.

After the War Peter now aged 33 came home to a happy wife and his 3 children. My Grandma Nelly and Peter had 2 more children both girls. One of them was my mom, Jane and my Auntie Dawn. Two pivotal women in my life and both were very close sisters untill my mom passed.

He spent his next 40 years, loving family and worked at Canada Packers as a meat inspector. I have some fond memories of him. He passed when I was just 5 years old, Now I’m not sure if they are my memories or I’ve just heard the stories so much that it created a memory. My favourite is I remember sitting on the arm rest in his 1970’s car as we drove around town often to get ice cream. No car seats in those days.

My Grandma would give me her powder puff, not sure if that’s what it was called but ladies used it to powder their nose and face. I used to like playing with it and powdering my nose 😂😂 Bumpy would come in and see it and holler

“JESUS CHRIST NELLY ! Don’t give him that your going to turn him gay”

Oh Grandpa it doesn’t work that way 😂

If your a subscriber check out why we called him bumpy and more great pictures but , if not skip your bagel today and sign up for Coil HERE. So many great creators to browse and you also get to check out Cinnamon Video !!

But as always, thank you for reading ❤️