SHOP SATURDAY-taping drywall

Welcome back to Shop Saturday!! When it comes to taping drywall I am no “professional” I’d say. Now that being said I get the job done and do a professional job, but I do not want to do large drywall finishing, taping, jobs. It’s best left to the professional’s on this one. I learned 20 years ago from a little Portuguese man named Rico , I say little because he was 4,8” tall, he would always threaten to steal our ladies. He would say “ I may be tiny, but iI can work it. Your ladies can’t resist me” he always kept us laughing 😂 Now when he wore stilts he was over 7’ tall almost 8’. Many tapers would were stilts to reach places they normally couldn’t it would save a lot of up and down on the ladders or scafold.

This is what he taught me among other things but this is the short version 😊


There is an all purpose mud (blue container)

The all purpose compound can be used for all aspects of taping and drywall finishing/ repairs. It’s a great combination of both yellow and green mud. The nice thing is your sanding rate, I’ll talk more on this later, is the same through the job because your using the same compound product.


Yellow or taping mud basically has more adhesive property’s so it’s great to apply your tape coat and your corner beads. You’ll want to add water to the mud/compound and mix it up, the tape adhesion is improved greatly when the water in the mud soaks into the tape. It really helps to adhere it to the drywall.

Always use paper tape... ALWAYS

just make sure your mud is liquid enough and you will get proper adhesion. Do not, I repeat DO NOT use fibreglass tape, it has its uses on patching ect but very limited use. You’ll want to use fibreglass tape because it’s self adhesive. Don’t do it


Green or finishing mud is just a smoother easier sanded product. Less adhesive properties than yellow.


If there’s one thing you learn today it’s this ! Every drywall product sands different. Blue, yellow, green, red ( classic Finish) they all sand different, so work with the order of hard to sand to easily sanded. You want to apply products that work together and in proper orders. Let’s say you applied yellow and then green. But oh no, your short on green so you just use left over yellow compound. What’s the big deal right? Well let me tell you. Yellow is hard to sand, green will sand away easier and you’ll never get the yellow smooth and flush to the green because of the different properties of the compound. For this reason blue or All purpose is best for the DIY weekend warrior. I also know lots of professional tapers that only use blue. So it’s a preference to what you want to use.


One last thing is a fast set product. I may be crazy but around all showers/ tubs and even most bathrooms I use fast set. Why you ask ? No one else does this ? Well I’ll tell you my crazy logic. All of the other compounds when applied just dry on there own, if I was to add water back on to a compound that is dry it would turn soft again and dry eventually..... again. But can cause mold because of the organic material also rots easy. Now fast set is a chemical reaction that hardens it, not air dry. So it’s not affected by water because of the chemical reaction. Mold free basically. So if you use a mold board drywall and fast set your bathroom has a better chance of survival from the years of moisture from long teenage boys showers. Who takes a 30 min shower ? Seriously 😂

You can do it ! I have faith in you 🙏🏼💪🏻

I hoped this helped you, there are many ways to get the job done... and done right. This is just my process, Check out my cinnamon video and see how the front entry remodel is coming.

Thanks for watching and reading !!



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