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⚠️ Truths are told about a jolly fat man⚠️

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It was a Saturday in early December, around the time it is right now, I was in the third grade. I woke up early and watched my favourite cartoon, Care Bears. Now, let’s be honest, I didn’t tell anyone because this was considered a girly show but I just loved it. Snow had just started to fall from the heavens. It wasn’t the first snow fall but it was fresh like a fluffy cloud. I called a few friends and we all said “yes, let’s go !” So I took out my wooden toboggan from the old shed and went to the school hill, met up with my friends to sled down the hill for hours. When younger, what seemed to be a fairly large hill, a monster that reached to the sky when I was 8. Years later I seen our old tobogganing hill and it was a little disappointing to say the least.

My friends would tell me that there was no such thing as Santa. I still believed in Santa, because he’s real. I knew it in my heart. He’s real, he’s real ... HE’S REAL !! I’d get made fun of and they would say things like

“You believe in Santa, HAHAHA, I bet you watch the Care Bears too ?!”

Me – “ pfft, ya right who watches the Care Bears, that show is for babies”

We stayed till we all got cold and went home to eat supper at our respective houses. After dinner I opened the Consumers Distributing Catalogue and started looking at toys and circling what I wanted. Mom was bugging me to make a list, as Santa needed it early to make the toys for millions of kids. The go to at the time was Consumer’s Distributing Catalogue. If your from the 80’s in Canada then you get why I’m talking about. Now that I think about it, it was kind of the Amazon of the day. You would look through, pick your purchases and then order your items. The store would call you when they came in from the wearhouse and you could pick them up. Very high tech for the 80’s.

I found this red hockey net, white stitched mesh at the rear. It was so awesome. I asked my mom and she said it was too much money and maybe Santa could bring it. So from that day forward and right up until Christmas I wished upon a falling star

“Please Santa, can I just have the hockey net. It’s all I want, it’s perfect and awesome. Please .... please .... please.... pretty please 🙏🏼“

About 1 week before Christmas I was shooting a tennis ball with my hockey stick at the garage wall as I often did. The ball bounced and went behind the work bench. I go behind the bench to get the ball and holy smokes.

“MY HOCKEY NET !!!” I scream

Wow my parents did buy it. I was so excited but I didn’t want to let them know and spoil the surprise, so I kept quite and dreamed of Christmas so I could shoot my ball at the net. I went to sleep on the 24th so excited. 1 more sleep...

The day finally came ! My hockey net will be mine. I open gifts and notice the long box at the back of the tree. I play it cool and save it for last, not to draw attention to it. I’ve opened everything else and only my net is left and pull it out, “wow it’s heavy” I said. I glance at the gift tag and it says

To : Gordie

From: Santa

But how is that possible? And why would they lie about Santa? Days and weeks later, I’d grasp at straws to make sense of this “Maybe I was bad and Santa said I get no gifts, but my parents bought me 1 anyway so I wouldn’t be sad.” I’d think to my self

Nope that’s not right, only one explanation that made sense to me... MY DAD IS FREAKING SANTA CLAUS and that’s exactly what it was. My dad was Santa 🎅🏻

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