These last 7 days were time off, not from work but the diet, from the watching what I eat and exercising to just relaxing and enjoying life. After 9 weeks I think XRPtwin and I both earned a week off at Christmas. The week off was glorious and I really didn’t exercise or think of the diet at all. Well some times I did when I got a little bloated but then I reminded myself “I’m enjoying Christmas”

and Enjoy Christmas I did !!

Perhaps a little too much. I ate more breakfasts than I ever have. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and it’s a meal I skip 5 or 6 days a week. Normally weekends when I’m home we eat a big breakfast but during the week I rarely have time so I just skip it. Not this past week though, I think I had breakfast 5 days and skipped 2.

Christmas Day was wonderful, just the four of us. We had a breakfast called wifesaver that my beautiful wife Lee makes every year and we eat it for 2-3 days, check out her blog on this wifesaver HERE . Watched a couple movies, relaxed and played a board game. Then for supper we had one of my favourite meals chicken and dumplings, see Lee’s blog HERE . Normally our Christmas dinner consists of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cabbage rolls, perogies and pumpkin pie for dessert around family. But only the four of us meant we could never eat all that food so this was a great idea, chicken and dumplings, YUM 🤤.

Lee made these little peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, they remind me of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Fortunately or unfortunately no one likes them but me. I’d go to the fridge for a water or pop and grab 1-2. Walk by the fridge and grab 1. Sit on the couch and think .... you know what I need a peanut butter ball, as they have come to be known. Well, if your thinking I should get them out of the house and throw them out .... don’t worry out of 40 there’s only 5 left. So will be gone today.

I’ve made a mistake and regret some decisions. Food regret, or bad decision regret. If you felt this before, I’m sure you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say food regret. It’s that feeling in the deepest pit of your stomach like you did something terrible. Something worth punishing. It can feel as bad as waking up after a night of drinking, or spending a little too much at the casino, or the feeling you get when you tell a little lie, or when you spend a too much of that pay check on Xrp, or treat a loved one badly. It’s a feeling that makes you sick, It is dread. It is despair. But, in this case it's just about the food you ate. All the bad food, as people call it.

You really shouldn’t think of foods as good and bad foods. It gets your mind in a bad space, when you do take a little break and have that piece of pie. No food is good or bad. There are just things that are healthy for your body and then others that aren't as healthy for your body. Time to change the way you think. It’s not about good or bad. Just think-

This isn’t the healthiest choice, but nobody makes the healthiest choices all the time.

One thing to always remember it's important to keep in mind that health and weight loss look different for every person. If you want to lose weight, what works for you might not work for others, and vice versa. Each person has there own weightloss journey. Through trial and error you will find something that works, keep trying, keep tweaking. It took years or decades to put on these pounds, don’t think it’s just going to be a piece of cake to lose.

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