TROUBLE IN PARADISE or so it seems 😉

Anything worth having, does not come easy. This is true for many things, a nice car, owning a business, financial freedom, the digital asset roller coaster, kids, marriage.

Yes, marriage. Marriage is about give and take. Picking your battles if you will, when in an argument or disagreement I often loose sight of ‘do I want to die on this hill’ mentality , after I stop and think, do I?? The answer is always NO I don’t want to die on this hill.


The phrase is a slight variant of , Is this the hill you want to die on? This phrase is often used in the military when discussing holding a position or placement at all costs even death. Normally the answer is assumed to be “no”. When you decide to defend the spot or battle position to the limit, then “No better place to die” is often used as a phrase.

I did build a damn nice cat house, but I’m not prepared to live there just yet 😂

Well I haven’t found my place to die, a hill or battle position to defend that’s worth my life or in this case marriage. Not that it would go that far but just proving a point here. It has been brought to my attention by my family that I’ve been spending to much time on Twitter and Coil on my phone in general. Well I don’t feel this is the case, this is what they feel and feel it deeply, so I must respect that.

These last few months, Ive worked very long hours, almost 7 days a week and still managed to keep my Coil and Twitter engagement up but, my balance is off. Well some good news, I do drive the kids now to school again and pick them up I’m hoping this will get my work life slower. This is the goal. But until that point where my work/family time normalization happens I’m going to have to take a tiny step back from Twitter and Coil.

Lord knows I’m a stubborn man, Lee definitely knows this too well. I won’t do anything unless I want to. I’m not perfect, FAR FROM IT, less than even adequate in my own eyes. I tend to take a battle position and get defensive when I get attacked. And this is something I not only need to do, I also want to. Not only is Twitter and Coil a fun and enjoyable to me it’s also can be addicting. I find myself really enjoying reading everyone’s Coil posts and do loved the interaction on Twitter and now MG Social has there app ... which I’m excited about. Moderation is a must. I need to find this.

‘War is like marriage, no one survives. Eventually everyone dies’

-Thomas Jefferson

I would like to die from old age, not from being smothered by a cat in the cat house as I try to sleep. Being a man I feel the less battles I choose to fight, with respect to marriage, the better 😂 just causes unnecessary pain 😜.

Thank you Srdan for this TJ quote . Much appreciated 😎

It’s not good bye, but see you later ....