I truly don’t know what it is this past week. I’m in a funk. I don’t want to do work, I don’t want to do anything. Maybe the COVID restrictions finally taking there toll. I’m never like this and feeling the funk this past week. I’m always a positive person a d I know this will pass, but damn this funk sucks ! This is just going to be a short one, I just don’t have a lot to say or give right now really.

And that’s okay

I feel my eating habits have changed for the better. Snacking after supper has been cut to a minimum, also care needs to be taken not to have snacks in the house as I really can’t help myself if it’s inside these four walls I feel it’s my duty to consume it. I’m just trying to help everyone else stay fit, really they should be thanking me 🤣. My job is very physical and for that I’m lucky. I need to find a way to get in some exercise at home. Some real exercise, muscle burns more calories than fat. Time to add some exercises this week. Next week you will see😎

So as I’ve mentioned, I’m doing this Beta for Flare Finance. I was super pumped and so honoured to be chosen. Still so honoured. It got under way this past week, I set up MetaMask and figured that out...... and I literally can’t figure anything out ? I feel like Ralph from the Simpson’s over here?!

I feel so out of my league on this beta, it’s quite defeating. I have probably 30 plus hours into it. I’m no where, I can’t do a thing. It’s like there speaking a different language in the chat room. They are swapping and making it look so easy, there are some bright minds in this beta. I’m over here pushing crayons up my nose 😜 I screw up MetaMask , so I sign up again and can’t access anything. I watch videos after videos trying to learn it and for some reason my brain just can’t grasp it. Of course sitting I don’t of a computer or phone and I feel like I’m snacking more than normal so I’m scared to jump on the scale now !! Add to this a hectic week just with work and then we are doing the kids bathroom up stairs, of course my diet aswell. I normally would say I’m pretty smart and can figure things out if given enough time and the instructions or right videos to watch, but this is beyond anything I can grasp. I’m mid 40’s and having a hell of a time. Computers are not my forte, building an addition I’m your guy. Turning a computer on, well I’m not your guy. No better description than I feel like Ralph

Ok let’s give this beta one more chance, so I’m hours in, again and not going well. I’m pretty sure my computer laughed at me and this pops up on my screen?

That’s when I realize your right, I don’t have power here. I can’t figure it out and it’s driving me crazy. This being said Flare is a game changer and Flare Finance is going to revolutionize this space. I’m really excited when it goes live.

So how did I do this week, let’s check in with the Warden... well well well, not bad at least I lost. Going in the right direction. I lost 1 pound.

Have a wonderful week everyone, I’m going to see if I can get this Flare Finance bête working.

Thanks for reading ! Until the next one ❤️