Well hello everyone !!! Like I said in my previous post life is crazy and it’s been 4 weeks since a weight loss post, things going pretty well. I was getting to obsessed with the scale, or warden as she’s come to be known. I’ve decided to do a once a month weight loss blog. Weekly was just too often and it felt like I didn’t have much to report and besides .... I didn’t like the up and down that weekly scale check in’s we’re going. So weigh in’s will be less frequent and more of a how are my “clothes fitting” kind of check in. Once a month I’m sure my posts will be positive news 😊

So what’s happened over the last month? Well, Lee and I were really looking at a Peloton bike. If you haven’t heard of this, check out their website . They have an app and links with the bike and touch screen mounted on the bike. It allows you to ride with friends across the world, you can meet in Italy, San Francisco or many other places through out the world. Very cool and lots of different exercises and programs, not just biking or treadmill. The 21” screen turns sideways so you can do other exercise routines. There’s are live classes, with live instructors or you can go do the class after it’s over if you can’t meet the live class time.

Now the kicker, price tag .... $3000 . We considered it and really mulled it over. My thinking, other than, that can buy a lot of crypto !! My thinking it will sit like our treadmill does. Let’s be honest we all have great intentions when starting a diet or exercise routine. Things go great for a while and then you slack off a bit, then a bit more..... and more. Until your treadmill or bike looks like this ⬇️

An expensive laundry organizer 😂🤣

So I figure, We don’t need a $3000 laundry organizer 😂. We have a treadmill amd a good one so let’s clean the clothes off our treadmill, just use ours for the time being. We can still use the app and stream it to a tv. Obviously none of the features will work properly but will get the idea and very close to the same feeling. We can try this for a few months, maybe six. If we are still using it and going strong then we might look at opening the wallet and splurging for a Peloton set up. I just would die if we spent the money and it sat unused piled in drying clothes.

I will get a tv mounted above the treadmill and set up so we both can use it, the momma wants to use it as well. This could be good motivation for me as well. The daily treadmill is a goal for February

Work is as crazy as always plus doing Reno’s at home. Covid has everyone down I think and we have had enough but I’m still trying to eat well when possible. I get my Tim Hortons coffee everyday, not just one, but two. It’s a must to keep my body moving, the fuel for my engines. I’ve been pretty good at night snacking. I say “pretty good” because I have found my self cheating a little more frequently. But my clothes fit good and feel a little loose, so this is what I’m going for. Slow and steady wins the race. Like crypto, I’m not here for fast gains. I’m hodling and playing the long game.

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But as always, if this is the end for now, thank you for reading ❤️

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