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Want to learn how to get a new car and house for free ?? Well keep on reading.

This is my journey on a buying and running a Gala node, not as technical, more of a my experience. Now granted a very short journey but one that will be very profitable in the years to come.... is my hope. Really I never thought I’d be running a node, I mean... what the hell is a node anyway ???? Just like a lot of the last year of my life, this is also very unexpected.

🔹I started a Coil blog

🔹I started doing Cinnamon videos

🔹I was involved in a beta test for Flare Finance, it kicked my ass. I was so lost. Learned a few things. But sham wow I was LOST!

🔹And now a Node on GALA GAMES!

This journey started when I bought the GALA crypto currency late in 2020. At that time the price was around $0.000236. Hindsight, looking back I sure wish I bought more as the price has spiked to the current $0.01888 at time of writing. As fast as I bought it, Never did I think of it (Gala) much after that and kind of forgot about it until January 2021 rolled around. Started hearing things on nodes and again didn’t pay attention. In one ear out the other. Researched a bit but thought nope that’s to expensive for a node and impossible for me to run it. Fast forward to early Feb I read a blog written by Jesse Hynes , it peaked my interest again and I really started to look into it and research at that time nodes were around $3500 I believe.

So what in gods name is a node and what do they do ?? The nodes that are currently available are Grandfather Nodes, these nodes will be eligible for receiving rewards for operating, NFT’s and in game items from all current games and future ones. Nodes are currently flying off the shelf and when all nodes are sold the node licenses will be turned into NFTs. This means that people will be able to rent or sell their nodes or even buy nodes from other people who are selling them. What is a node worth? To give you an idea, the last node to be sold will sold for $33,000 approx. currently nodes are selling for $5200. Nodes are part of the decentralized Gala Games Network. Basically, the nodes provide computing power to the network. Right now not a lot of memory or Ram isn’t needed. I’m running mine on a 5 year old laptop that was an old one from my sons school that basically was so slow it had no other use. So don’t think you need some mega mining rig... yet... Once more power is required and it will one day, I will look at getting a VPS- virtual private server for $6 a month, but for now my old laptop is just fine and makes me money just the same. The Gala Games software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux (which is coming soon)


Just like a pirate, I too, have a treasure chest. Everyday, as long as my node runs for 6 hours a day, I get my GALA reward deposited in my treasure chest. As a bonus to the GALA , sometimes we get a NFT. Just a couple days ago I got my first NFT, the winemaker concept art. SO COOL . Only 59 of us node runners got one so I was pretty pumped and I’m hoping to get some land for one of the games that I can sell for a nice profit. A current issue is to claim my rewards I need ETH to pay the gas fee🤬What’s that mean? Well check out in my subscriber only section to find out. Hint : it has to do with Flare. Here is my NFT ⬇️

The real question is Can I make passive income on a node?

Answer: Yes !!!

It is well documented that Gala considers Nodes not an investment. I guess because if they are that would make it unclear to SEC. A security you treat as an investment, a Node is helping the gala ecosystem and you get voting rights ect . Oh and YES YOU MAKE GALA FOR RUNNING YOUR NODE! But 🤫🤫🤫🤫

I read an article that said in January of this year the price of GALA token was worth around $0.0016 . GALA Nodes were each getting about 7500 GALA a day in a reward for running there node 6 hours a day.

-In January 2021-

0.0016 X 7500 = $12 a day

$12 X 31 days = $372 a month for one node

But hold on , I’m only getting 1400 a day reward ... I feel like I’m getting screwed here . Wow 7500 gala a day 🤯 I wish . At current GALA price that’s $4000 a month 😳 this is why the ratios fluctuate. Let’s do some more math

0.01888 X 1400 = $26.43

$26.43 X 31 days = $819 a month for one node

$819 X 12=$9832 a year USD now my favourite part the conversation to Canadian dollars 🤩

$12,400 CAD . A thousand dollars a month Canadian I will make at current reward levels and current price of GALA.

Let’s keep doing some math shall we 🧐

My node cost me $4500 to buy and if I’m making $819 a month USD then


So in 5.5 months my node is paid for it self and then every month after that ( if rewards / price stay the same) I’ll make $1000 per month

Hum what about 5 nodes

$4500 x 5 =$22,500

$819 X 5 = $4095 a month

Convert to Canadian $5164 a month or $62,000 a year, wow my mind is blown. So how to get a brand new car and new brand new built home for free ??? Buy Gala nodes 😎, $5000 a month is more than enough to pay for a house and car

💥 Free house & car 💥

Of course rewards can change and so can GALA price but this is all on speculation that reward and price stay relative or price goes up.


But seriously though, as long as Gala games doesn’t fail, sure this is possible. Anything is, but I think they have a bright future a head of them. Now yes this can change at any time and maybe in the near future I’m only getting 500 gala a day but the price per Gala goes up and is $0.05 so it all works out. Since January, the reward amount of gala has gone down and I do suspect it will keep going down as more nodes come on line. With doing that, the price of Gala goes up ( hopefully) and as you can see I’m making double the cash value a month than people in January were. As with anything in crypto there is risks and gambles so to speak. Well I’ve done my research and so should you.


Really easy, I am the least tech person, maybe even on planet earth. This is as easy as signing up for a GALA account . It’s free to sign up and then you can browse around the website. Once on the website you can buy a node and when you do it sends you an email with down load links for the software. Click on your corresponding computer brand. Download and your good to go. You need to run your node for a minimum of 6 hours a day to get the GALA reward. To run your node, open your computer and walk away for 6 hours, done ✅. You’ll receive your portion of the 8.5 million in GALA rewards each day.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezie

I hope I’ve stressed the passive income is based on GALA reward and GALA price moving as one . I do think this will happen and be very profitable or I would not have done it my self. But DYOR

Here is my GALA GAMES REFERRAL LINK, sign up for a free account and snoop around a little bit. Play some games, check out the ecosystem and buy 1 or 5 nodes 😝 ⬇️⬇️

If your a subscriber check out how this Node money maker ends 😎, if not skip your bagel today and sign up for Coil HERE. So many great creators to browse and you also get to check out Cinnamon Video !!

But as always, thank you for reading ❤️

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