OMI: King of NFT’s

OMI is a crypto that runs the VeVe app a premium licensed digital collectables app. Well you’ve heard of NFT’s right ? VeVe and Ecomi are going to change the NFT world one NFT at a time. You currently use OMI to purchase AR NFT collectables. In the future you’ll beable to stake OMI for access to rare or exclusive NFT’s. They currently have officially announced licenses with -

🔹Fast and the Furious

🔹Back to the Future


🔹CBS: Star Trek – The Next Generation, Picard, and Discovery

🔹Cartoon Network: Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, and Tuzki

🔹Jurassic park

🔹Ghost Busters

🔹Capcom: Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter – Iceborne, and Street Fighter!!

🔹General Motors

🔹Warner Bros: DC Collectables, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Superman, and Batman



Just to name a few. They have around 100 licenses currently and In my opinion, with out a license say a company like DC could come back on a Superman NFT some one made and sue them for copy right infringement. It’s been said that they have enough NFT’s finished or in production to do a week drop for the next 5 years 🤯. Can you take a guess at what the price will after all those drops 🤑 .

This is why OMI and VeVe are a game changer.

Fully Licensed NFT’s

VeVe app has game changing VR to render your purchases in the real world 🌎


Let’s talk about the supply for a minute, 750 billion OMI, 750 billion OMI seems like a lot but, Every time a purchase is made in the VeVe app the same dollar value of OMI gets burned. Every time a sale take place in the market place , OMI gets burned. ECOMI currently has burned over 120 BILLON OMI.

The team had an accident and burnt 100 billion tokens so the amount just dropped by 100 billion to 650 billion supply . 397 BILLION will never hit circulation because of the reserve wallet and the accidental 97 billion burn or lock up for 3000 years . OMI distribution is as follows

🔹VeVe Reserve Wallet – 296 billion

🔹VeVe Vault Wallet- 40 billon

🔹Business Development- 150 billion OMI

🔹Team, Advisors, Board Members- 150 billion

🔹Tokens in current circulation 170 billion OMI

Things In The Works

Ecomi and VeVe are working on single and multi player games for the app. You will beable to use you NFT’s in the games and so on. Drive your car in fast and the furious, use Batman to beat a intruder in a game or have a battle in street fighter . The possibility’s are endless and truly bring hidden value to OMI . Currently at $0.00812 at time of writing. Yes that’s right, under a penny per OMI 🤯

You will be able to use or drive NFT’s in AR. Like a recent release was the Delorean from back to the future. This version was not drivable but did have doors that open and wheels that turn, along with a functional flux capacitor..... while these ones weren’t, one will be drivable very soon. Allowing you to actually play with the NFT’s in games and Augmented Reality.

I really suggest you look into OMI .. they will be big player in the NFT space .


Thanks for reading ❤️