IS IT WORTH YOUR TIME ? (7 min read)

Maybe I have a strange brain but I always think in terms of time.... so I’ll tell you what it costs?! TIME The world is getting more expensive. Costs are skyrocketing for almost everything you want or need. Going to the grocery store is a painful reminder of this VERY FACT. Everything is going up and costing more time or should I say money. Prices rise, your hourly wage has become stagnet, I guess you could say like the price of XRP. How many hours does something cost you?

One of the most valuable things we have to give is time, we only have so much of it. The clock is ticking so to speak. So when you spend money, what your really spending is time. It took you time to make that money that you so easily gave up for that new truck. For this Blog Let’s say you make $25 an hour, $17.50 after tax. You gave up 160 hours of your time in one month to get a $2600 pay check after tax roughly. So that new truck isn’t $1000 a month is 56 hours a month, almost 1/3 of your working time. That’s crazy , does that new truck bring you 50 hours of joy ????

I’ve often thought this way, weird way of thinking so I thought I’d share it. Also if we go for a nice dinner I think “shit that just cost us 17 hours of work” Or going to a movie as a family costs say 6 hours of work or I should say time. A family holiday costs 500 HOURS ! 3 months of work at $17.50 an hour. GOOD GAWD!

Another thing I do is calculate if that time is worth what I got in exchange for my time ?? An example would be a movie with pops and snacks.

🔹6 hours of work time ✖️ $17.50 an hour = $105

🔹Movie length 2.5 hours ➗ $105 = $42 per hour of entertainment

🔹 $42 per hour ➗ 4 of us = $10.50 per hour of entertainment per person.

Now really if you think of it, that’s a great deal. $10 per hour of fun. CHEAP !

Now I’m not saying I’m great at managing my time, I’m not. I work too much and I’m trying to scale that back but it’s difficult, but I’m trying. I am still taking fridays off but find I just fill that time with another project, I drop the kids off at school everyday and pick them up 3 days a week, grandma has the other two days and I’m very grateful 🤗 she is a huge life saver. The old saying time is money, well is should be money is time. Time is so valuable and there’s no way to make more time. We only have the time that god gives us, sadly that hourglass is losing grains of sand not gaining any.

Now it’s true you can’t buy time, time can not be bought no matter how many billions Of dollars you have time still chases you down and the grim reaper can’t be out ran. But you can sway Lady Luck in your direction? How you ask, simple take care of your body so you can live healthier which in turn live longer. Though nothing is guaranteed, it definitely can’t hurt to get in better shape. I’ve been thinking this for awhile and always say I don’t have time but really 👇🏻

Keep an eye out for a monthly blog on this exact topic, my weight loss journey. Doing it monthly because I think some accountability will be good for me. The journey begins now.

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But as always, thank you for reading ❤️

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